Latest News

July 2020

Date Title
7/7/20 Engel Statement on Withdrawal from World Health Organization
7/2/20 Engel Condemns Putin’s Attempts to Legitimize His Autocratic Grip on Power
7/1/20 Foreign Affairs Democrats Demand Answers from Pompeo on the Administration’s Complicity in Putin’s Scheme to Kill American Servicemembers in Afghanistan
7/1/20 Engel and McCaul Lead Bipartisan House Legislation Condemning China’s National Security Law for Hong Kong
7/1/20 Engel Statement on Bulatao Hearing

June 2020

Date Title
6/26/20 Engel Calls for U.S. Action on Duterte’s Assaults on Press Freedom
6/23/20 Engel Calls on New Head of USAGM to Testify before Foreign Affairs Committee
6/22/20 Engel and Maloney Announce Joint Depositions of Key Witnesses in Probe of President Trump’s Firing of State IG
6/22/20 Engel Announces Hearing with Key Witness in Probe of Linick Firing
6/19/20 Lowey, Engel Demand Explanation for New USAGM CEO's Firing of Senior Officials, Disbanding of Advisory Boards
6/18/20 Lowey, Engel Statement on New USAGM CEO's Firing of Senior Officials, Disbanding of Advisory Boards
6/18/20 Engel & Menendez Introduce Legislation to Prohibit Funding for Trump's Reckless Troop Withdrawal from Germany
6/18/20 Engel Statement on Reported Visit by Polish President Andrzej Duda to the White House
6/17/20 Engel Statement on Ambassador Bolton’s Revelations about Trump & China
6/17/20 Engel Statement on Syria Caesar Act Sanctions
6/16/20 Engel Raises the Alarm on Impending Firing Spree at USAGM
6/15/20 Engel Statement on Paul Whelan Conviction
6/15/20 Engel Statement on Resignation of VOA Leadership and CDC Exclusion of VOA
6/12/20 Engel Statement on Election Reform in Albania
6/12/20 Engel Responds to State Department’s Agreement to Produce Central Figure in Linick Probe
6/12/20 Engel Introduces Legislation Condemning Putin Crony Yevgeniy Prigozhin
6/10/20 Engel Statement on Malachy McAllister
6/10/20 Engel, Maloney, Menendez, Connolly, and Castro Release Transcript of Interview with Inspector General Linick
6/8/20 Engel, McCaul, Risch, and Menendez Statement on Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act
6/5/20 Engel to Barsa: Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health Has No Place in COVID Response
6/5/20 Engel Statement on the Confirmation of Michael Pack as USAGM CEO
6/5/20 Engel Statement on Trump Plan to Withdraw Troops from Germany
6/4/20 Engel Statement on Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary
6/3/20 Engel Statement on Anniversary of June Sudan Massacre
6/3/20 Engel, Maloney, Menendez, Connolly & Castro Statement on IG Linick’s Interview
6/1/20 Engel Statement on Chinese Aggression Along India China Border

May 2020

Date Title
5/29/20 House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Demand Answers on Trump’s Illegal Withdrawal from Open Skies
5/29/20 Engel, Maloney, & Menendez Announce Expansion of Probe into IG Linick’s Firing
5/29/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Press Conference
5/28/20 Chairs Object to President’s Decision to Use Taxpayer Funds to Buy Faulty Russian Ventilators, Then Gift Hundreds of U.S. Ventilators to Putin Despite Urgent Needs Here
5/28/20 Engel & Menendez Demand Answers on Trump Administration LGBTI Policy in the Americas
5/27/20 Engel, Thompson, Deutch, & Rose Introduce Legislation to Create National Counterterrorism Commission
5/27/20 Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Criticize Administration over Apparently Retaliatory Firing of State IG
5/27/20 Engel Statement on the Trump Administration’s Hong Kong Policy
5/26/20 Engel & McCaul Call for Putin Regime to Release Paul Whelan After Sham Trial
5/22/20 Engel Statement on Foreign Policy Impact of President Trump Sending Ventilators as Personal Favor to Putin
5/22/20 Engel & Smith Denounce Trump Administration’s Illegal Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty
5/22/20 Engel Statement on Proposed Hong Kong National Security Legislation
5/21/20 Engel Statement on Trump Administration Withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty
5/21/20 Engel Raises Alarm on Pompeo’s Political Scheme with Senate Republicans
5/20/20 Engel Statement on Investigation of IG Linick’s Removal
5/18/20 Engel & Castro Call on Pompeo to Provide Information on Barriers to Diversity at State Department
5/16/20 Engel & Menendez Launch Probe into Removal of State Department Inspector General
5/15/20 Engel Statement on the Firing of Inspector General Linick
5/12/20 Engel, Thompson, Nadler, & Menendez Reject Administration’s Legal Explanation for Halting Asylum Processing
5/12/20 Engel & McCaul Welcome State Department Repatriation Efforts and Urge Review of Lessons Learned
5/11/20 Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Condemn Trump's Plans to Cut Russian Deterrence Initiative to Fund Border Wall
5/11/20 Engel & McCaul Introduce Legislation Urging Accountability for Putin's Human Rights Abuses
5/8/20 Engel & McCaul Joint Statement on Afghanistan Violence
5/8/20 House Foreign Affairs Committee Hosts Virtual Forum with Madeleine Albright
5/8/20 Engel, McCaul, Risch, & Menendez Call on World Leaders to Support Taiwan’s Participation in WHO
5/8/20 Engel Statement on New Iraqi Prime Minister
5/6/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Veto of the Iran War Powers Resolution
5/5/20 Engel Statement on Appointment of Ambassador Gidwitz as Acting Representative to the European Union
5/4/20 Overwhelming Bipartisan Majority of House Members Calls on Administration to Extend Iran Arms Embargo
5/1/20 Joint Statement of Four Foreign Affairs Committee Chairs on Transatlantic Leadership to Combat Covid-19
5/1/20 Engel & Sires Call on Secretary Pompeo to Resume Life-Saving Assistance for Venezuela
5/1/20 Engel Statement on Germany’s Designation of Hezbollah as a Terror Organization

April 2020

Date Title
4/29/20 Engel & Sires Urge Salvadoran President to Respect Democratic Norms
4/27/20 Engel Launches Inquiry into Trump Decision to Halt WHO Funding
4/24/20 Engel Statement on the 105th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
4/23/20 Top Lawmakers Call for Action to Combat COVID-19 in Rohingya Refugee Camps
4/23/20 Top Lawmakers Call for Action to Combat COVID-19 in Rohingya Refugee Camps
4/23/20 Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats to Trump: Resume Funding to WHO
4/14/20 Engel Condemns Trump Decision to Withhold Funding from the World Health Organization
4/14/20 Engel Statement on Resumption of U.S. Aid to Central America
4/13/20 Engel & Menendez Express Concern about Trump Administration Approach to Serbia & Kosovo
4/10/20 House Chairs Condemn President’s Assault on IGs
4/10/20 House Chairs Condemn President’s Assault on IGs
4/10/20 Engel, Thompson, Nadler Statement on Trump Administration’s Suspension of Asylum Processing
4/8/20 Engel & McCaul Urge Airlines to Work with State Department to Help Bring Americans Home
4/7/20 Smith, Engel, Reed, & Menendez Statement on Open Skies Treaty
4/3/20 Engel & Menendez Propose Policies for Addressing COVID-19 in Iran
4/3/20 Engel Calls on Trump Administration to Restrict Exports of Medical Equipment

March 2020

Date Title
3/31/20 Engel, McCaul Statement on Death of State Department Employee from COVID-19
3/30/20 Engel Statement on Orban’s Coronavirus Power Grab
3/27/20 Engel Calls for State Department Personnel Protections During COVID-19
3/27/20 Engel Statement on U.S. Policy toward Kosovo
3/26/20 Engel & Smith Lead Effort Pushing Trump Administration to Maintain Humanitarian Assistance to Yemen during Coronavirus Crisis
3/26/20 Engel Statement on State Department Briefing for Members of Congress on Repatriation Efforts
3/19/20 Engel Statement on New State Department Advisory against Travel Due to Coronavirus
3/18/20 Engel Statement on China Expelling American Journalists
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Coronavirus Response and Travel Restrictions
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Putin’s Lifetime Presidency Plot
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Strikes in Iraq
3/11/20 Engel Statement on Trump Administration’s Stonewalling on Iran
3/11/20 Engel Leads House Effort to Stop Military Force against Iran
3/6/20 Foreign Affairs Committee Leaders Introduce Legislation to Support Sudan’s Democratic Transition
3/6/20 Engel, Castro, and Sires Open an Inquiry into Trump Administration Scheme to Deport Asylum Seekers
3/5/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Hong Kong
3/4/20 Engel Statement on Meeting with Honduran Attorney General
3/4/20 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.Res. 512, H.R. 5408, H.Res. 742, H.R. 5664, H.Res. 720, H.R. 2166, H.R. 2847, H.Res. 723, H.Res. 809, H.Res. 458, H.R. 1611
3/3/20 Engel & Castro Push State Department for Answers on Payments to Trump Properties

February 2020

Date Title
2/29/20 Engel Statement on U.S. Agreements with the Taliban and with the Afghan Government
2/27/20 Engel, McCaul Statement on Anniversary of Russian Invasion of Crimea