Latest News

October 2020

Date Title
10/16/20 Engel and Keating Urge Administration to Hold Turkey Accountable for Democratic Backsliding, Aggression
10/16/20 Engel, McCaul Statement on Turkey Testing Russian S-400
10/15/20 Engel, McCaul, Keating, Kinzinger on EU and UK Sanctioning Russian Operative Yevgeniy Prigozhin
10/14/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on Lukashenka’s Escalating Threats Against Peaceful Protestors
10/9/20 Top National Security Democrats to Esper: Commit to Current U.S. Troop Levels on Korean Peninsula
10/8/20 Engel Urges State Department to Support Return of Overseas Americans’ Ballots
10/8/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on Russia’s Efforts to Target Svetlana Tikhanovskaya
10/6/20 Engel Seeks Answers from State Department on Safeguards against White Supremacists Receiving Security Clearances
10/5/20 Engel & Castro Demand Records on Pompeo’s Recent Political Speeches
10/5/20 Engel Statement on USAGM Officials Breaching the “Firewall” and Targeting VOA Journalist
10/1/20 House Members Introduce Belarus Democracy and Human Rights Act

September 2020

Date Title
9/30/20 Engel, Speier and Castro Take on Harassment and Discrimination in the State Department
9/29/20 Engel Statement on Eruption Of Fighting in Nagorno-Karabakh
9/24/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the United States Agency for Global Media and U.S. International Broadcasting Efforts
9/23/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on Lukashenko's Surprise, Illegitimate Inauguration
9/23/20 Engel Releases Summary of State Department Records Undercutting Senate Republican Smear
9/18/20 Engel Obtains State Department Records Provided to Senate Committees in Biden Smear
9/18/20 Engel Announces Subpoena for USAGM CEO Michael Pack
9/18/20 Engel & McCaul Urge Afghan Leaders to Empower Women Throughout Peace Process
9/17/20 Engel Statement on Turkish Escalation in The Eastern Mediterranean
9/17/20 Engel, McCaul, Zeldin & Rose Offer Legislation Supporting Israel’s Normalization of Relations with UAE and Bahrain
9/17/20 Engel, Levin, Chabot, Cardin, Young Lead Congressional Support for Free and Fair Elections for Burma
9/16/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on Firing of the State Department Inspector General
9/15/20 Engel Leads Bipartisan Group Calling on United Kingdom to Honor Good Friday Agreement
9/15/20 Engel, Menendez Lead Dems in Calling on USAGM to Renew Foreign National Journalist Visa Extensions
9/15/20 Engel Releases Records Showing State Department’s Attempt to Hide Facts in OIG Arms Sales Report
9/14/20 Engel Releases Affidavit from Former Acting Inspector General Stephen Akard
9/11/20 Engel Statement on Israel-Bahrain Agreement
9/11/20 Engel & Maloney Release Transcripts of Interviews with Lisa Kenna & Toni Porter
9/10/20 Engel Announces Hearing with Key Witnesses in Probe into Firing of State Department Inspector General
9/10/20 Engel Statement on Derkach Sanctions
9/10/20 Engel Leads House and Senate Democrats in Calling on Salvadoran President to Respect Press Freedom
9/8/20 Engel & McCaul Call for Investigation on Russia for Chemical Weapons Attack Against Alexey Navalny
9/4/20 Engel & Lowey Urge State Inspector General to Launch Probe into Pompeo’s RNC Speech
9/2/20 Engel Statement on Kosovo-Serbia Peace Talks
9/2/20 Engel Statement on Administration’s Sanctions on ICC Officials
9/1/20 Engel, Maloney, & Menendez Release Charles Faulkner Interview Transcript

August 2020

Date Title
8/31/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Belarus Restricting Freedom of Press
8/28/20 Reps. Engel, Sires, and Meeks Urge Full Investigations into Recent Murders in Colombia
8/28/20 Engel Announces Contempt Proceedings against Pompeo
8/25/20 Engel, McCaul, Risch, and Menendez Statement on Third Anniversary of Rohingya Genocide
8/24/20 Engel: Internal State Department Documents Show Pompeo RNC Speech Apparently Violates Legal Restrictions & His Own Instructions to Department Personnel
8/21/20 Engel Statement on VOA Journalists Facing Expiring Visas
8/21/20 Engel Statement on Alexei Navalny Poisoning
8/20/20 Engel Condemns Pompeo’s Latest Backing of Biden Smear Campaign
8/20/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on Iraqi Prime Minister’s Visit to Washington
8/20/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Failed Iran Policy
8/19/20 Engel Statement on Senate Intelligence Committee’s Latest Report on Russian Interference and Support for Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
8/19/20 Engel Statement on Situation in Mali
8/18/20 Engel Statement on State Department Temper Tantrum
8/17/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on Ongoing Demonstrations in Belarus and Russian Provocations
8/17/20 Engel Responds to Pompeo’s Defiance of Subpoena Supporting House Investigation of Politicization of State Department
8/14/20 Engel & Levin Offer Trump Administration Official Chance to Clarify False Testimony on Arms Sales “Emergency” Declaration
8/13/20 Engel Statement on UAE-Israel Agreement
8/12/20 Co-Chairs of the Latino Jewish Congressional Caucus Statement on the NO HATE ACT
8/12/20 Engel Statement on Purge of USAGM Officials
8/11/20 Engel Statement on OIG Report on Arms Sales
8/10/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Belarus Elections and Crackdowns
8/10/20 Engel Statement on State Department’s Pre-Spin of OIG Arms Sales Report
8/10/20 Engel Statement on State Department’s Pre-Spin of OIG Arms Sales Report
8/8/20 Engel Statement on Passing of Brent Scowcroft
8/7/20 Engel-McCaul Statement on the 12th Anniversary of the Russia-Georgia War
8/7/20 Engel and McCaul Statement Commemorating the 1998 U.S. Embassy Bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
8/7/20 House Foreign Affairs Committee Calls on U.S. Ambassador Woody Johnson to Testify
8/5/20 Waters, Engel, Clyburn, Maloney, Green Launch Investigation into $765 Million Deal Between Trump Administration and Kodak Files
8/5/20 Engel & Maloney Statement on Resignation of State Department Acting Inspector General Akard
8/3/20 Engel, Maloney, and Menendez Announce Subpoenas for Additional Witnesses in Investigation of IG Linick’s Firing and Release Details of Recent Witness Testimony
8/3/20 Engel Statement on USAID Political Appointee Merritt Corrigan

July 2020

Date Title
7/31/20 Engel Subpoenas Records from Pompeo-Senate GOP Smear Campaign against Bidens
7/31/20 Engel & Menendez Statement on Beijing’s Crackdowns Under the Hong Kong National Security Law
7/31/20 Engel & Sires Seek Answers on Reported Political Activity by U.S. Ambassador to Brazil
7/30/20 Engel Statement on State Department’s Report on Holocaust Restitution
7/29/20 Engel Statement on Trump's Plan to Fragment U.S. Troop Presence in Europe
7/24/20 Engel Statement on Trump Administration’s Changes to Drone Export Policy
7/23/20 Engel and McCaul Applaud Passage of State Department Authorization in NDAA
7/23/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the The Administration’s Foreign Assistance Budget Request
7/22/20 House Democrats Call for Resignation of Dangerous USAID Political Appointee
7/12/20 Engel Statement on Hagia Sophia
7/9/20 Engel Introduces Legislation to Combat Foreign Election Interference
7/8/20 Engel Calls on State Department to Combat Cybercrime
7/8/20 Engel Statement on the Retirement of Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman
7/7/20 Engel & Sires Statement on Egypt’s Release of Mohamed Amashah
7/7/20 Engel Statement on Withdrawal from World Health Organization
7/2/20 Engel Condemns Putin’s Attempts to Legitimize His Autocratic Grip on Power
7/1/20 Foreign Affairs Democrats Demand Answers from Pompeo on the Administration’s Complicity in Putin’s Scheme to Kill American Servicemembers in Afghanistan
7/1/20 Engel Statement on Bulatao Hearing
7/1/20 Engel and McCaul Lead Bipartisan House Legislation Condemning China’s National Security Law for Hong Kong

June 2020

Date Title
6/26/20 Engel Calls for U.S. Action on Duterte’s Assaults on Press Freedom
6/23/20 Engel Calls on New Head of USAGM to Testify before Foreign Affairs Committee
6/22/20 Engel and Maloney Announce Joint Depositions of Key Witnesses in Probe of President Trump’s Firing of State IG
6/22/20 Engel Announces Hearing with Key Witness in Probe of Linick Firing
6/19/20 Lowey, Engel Demand Explanation for New USAGM CEO's Firing of Senior Officials, Disbanding of Advisory Boards
6/18/20 Engel & Menendez Introduce Legislation to Prohibit Funding for Trump's Reckless Troop Withdrawal from Germany
6/18/20 Lowey, Engel Statement on New USAGM CEO's Firing of Senior Officials, Disbanding of Advisory Boards
6/18/20 Engel Statement on Reported Visit by Polish President Andrzej Duda to the White House
6/17/20 Engel Statement on Ambassador Bolton’s Revelations about Trump & China
6/17/20 Engel Statement on Syria Caesar Act Sanctions
6/16/20 Engel Raises the Alarm on Impending Firing Spree at USAGM
6/15/20 Engel Statement on Resignation of VOA Leadership and CDC Exclusion of VOA
6/15/20 Engel Statement on Paul Whelan Conviction