Latest News

December 2021

Date Title
12/15/21 Wyden, Schiff, Meeks and Maloney Lead House and Senate Democrats in Calling for Magnitsky Act Sanctions Against Companies That Enable Human Rights Abuses
12/12/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement in Support of Ukraine
12/10/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Passage of Stop Iranian Drones Act out of Committee
12/8/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Passage of Uyghur and Peng Shuai Related Bills on House Floor
12/7/21 Meeks Issues Statement on House Passage of NDAA
12/6/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Administration’s Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics
12/3/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge State Department to Prioritize Political Solution in Engagement with Sri Lanka
12/1/21 Meeks Issues Statement on World AIDS Day

November 2021

Date Title
11/30/21 Meeks, McCaul, Deutch, Wilson Introduce Legislation to Sanction Iran’s Drones and Suppliers
11/30/21 Chair Meeks Issues December HFAC Schedule
11/23/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge Blinken to Exercise "All Available Leverage" to Secure Release of Detained U.S. Embassy Staff
11/22/21 Meeks, Bera Return from CODEL to Islamabad, Pakistan
11/12/21 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Joint Statement on Houthi Breach of U.S. Embassy in Yemen
11/9/21 Meeks, Keating, Blumenauer and Boyle Issue Statement on UK’s Threat to Invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol
11/8/21 Meeks, Menendez Urge Cybersecurity Engagement with Private, Public Sector Partners at Paris Peace Forum
11/8/21 Meeks, Sires Issue Statement on Nicaragua Elections
11/5/21 House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Leaders Introduce Bicameral Resolution Condemning Coup in Sudan
11/4/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bass and Smith Issue Statement on One Year Anniversary of Crisis in Northern Ethiopia
11/3/21 Chair Meeks Opening and Closing Remarks for “Assessing Progress and Challenges in State Department Management, Operations, and Reforms” Hearing
11/2/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Administrations Decision to Terminate AGOA Eligibility for Ethiopia, Guinea and Mali
11/2/21 Chair Meeks Releases November HFAC Schedule

October 2021

Date Title
10/29/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Joint Statement on Feed the Future Week
10/28/21 Reps. Meeks, Nadler, and Jeffries Urge State Department to Share Information on the Failed Deportation of Convicted Nazis
10/27/21 Chair Meeks Opening and Closing Remarks for "The Administration’s FY22 Budget Request for the Peace Corps, Development Finance Corporation, and Millennium Challenge Corporation"
10/25/21 Senate and House Foreign Policy Leadership Condemn Coup in Sudan
10/20/21 Chair Meeks, Reps. Spanberger, Wild Introduce House Companion Bill to SAFEGUARD Act
10/19/21 Meeks, McCaul Lead Letter to Biden Regarding WH Welcoming Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
10/18/21 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on Passing of Secretary Powell
10/12/21 Meeks-Led Congressional Delegation Returns From Portugal and Uzbekistan
10/8/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bera and Chabot Issue Statement Ahead of Taiwan’s National Day
10/5/21 Chairman Meeks, Senator Cardin, and Rep. Chabot Introduce BURMA Act
10/5/21 Chair Meeks Opening and Closing Remarks for “Afghanistan 2001-2021: Evaluating The Withdrawal And U.S. Policies - Part II”
10/4/21 Chairman Meeks Releases October HFAC Schedule
10/1/21 Meeks, Bass, Malinowski, Jacobs Issue Statement On Upcoming Mali Elections
10/1/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement Ahead of Georgian Elections

September 2021

Date Title
9/30/21 Meeks, Castro, Issue Statement Regarding Report on Sexual Abuse Allegations Against WHO Staff
9/24/21 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on Quad Leaders’ Summit
9/23/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Resignation of Special Envoy for Haiti
9/22/21 Chairs Meeks, Thompson Write DHS & State Department to Urge Stop to Repatriations of Haitian Migrants
9/22/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bass, Smith Issue Statement Regarding Reports of Failed Coup in Sudan
9/20/21 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on the Opening of UNGA
9/17/21 Chair Meeks Statement on Biden Administration EO on Ethiopia Sanctions Regime
9/15/21 Meeks Issues Statement on the Anniversary of the Signing of the “Abraham Accords”
9/14/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Admin Placing Human Rights Conditions on Part of Egypt’s Security Aid
9/13/21 Chairman Meeks’ Remarks at Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing on Afghanistan
9/7/21 Chairman Meeks Releases September HFAC Schedule

August 2021

Date Title
8/31/21 Meeks, McCaul, Deutch, Wilson Issue Statement on Recent Developments in Tunisia
8/30/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge Biden Administration to Prioritize Securing the Release of American Citizens Unjustly Imprisoned in Iran
8/26/21 Chairman Meeks’ Statement on Bombing at Kabul Airport
8/25/21 Meeks Issues Statement After Classified Briefings on Situation in Afghanistan
8/25/21 Chairmen Meeks and Menendez Joint Statement on Fourth Anniversary of Rohingya Genocide
8/24/21 Meeks, Bass Praise Peaceful Transition of Power in Zambia
8/17/21 Meeks, McCaul, Sires and Green Issue Statement on Haitian Earthquake Recovery Efforts
8/17/21 Chairman Meeks to Hold Hearing on Situation in Afghanistan
8/15/21 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on Afghanistan
8/14/21 Meeks Issues Statement on the Earthquake in Haiti
8/6/21 Meeks, McCaul and Bipartisan Group of HFAC Members Issue Statement ahead of Polish Parliament Vote on Press Freedom
8/6/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Escalating Violence in Ethiopian Civil War

July 2021

Date Title
7/26/21 Meeks, Deutch Issue Statement on Developments in Tunisia
7/23/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Today’s Presidential Delegation to Haiti
7/22/21 Meeks Issues Statement After Meeting with King of Jordan
7/21/21 Meeks, Sires Congratulate Peru on Completion of Successful Presidential Elections
7/15/21 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on EAGLE Act Passage
7/13/21 Meeks Issues Statement After Returning from Bipartisan CODEL to Middle East
7/12/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Protests in Cuba
7/12/21 Meeks, McCaul Request State to Speed the Processing of Passport Applications
7/9/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bass and Smith Issue Statement on Ten Year Anniversary of South Sudan’s Independence
7/9/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on the UN Security Council's Vote to Renew Humanitarian Access to the Syrian People
7/8/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on the Upcoming United Nations Security Council Vote on Humanitarian Access to the Syrian People
7/8/21 Chairman Meeks Announces July HFAC Schedule
7/7/21 Meeks Issues Statement on the Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse
7/5/21 Meeks Announces Congressional Delegation to the Middle East

June 2021

Date Title
6/29/21 Meeks Issues Statement After Committee Hearing on Conflict in Ethiopia
6/28/21 Joint Statement on the Aerial Bombardment of Civilians in Togoga
6/26/21 Meeks, McCaul, Sires, Green Issue Statement Condemning Assassination Attempt Against Colombia’s President Duque
6/23/21 Meeks, Sires Urge Respect for Democratic Process as Peruvian Presidential Candidate Alleges Fraud
6/22/21 Meeks Remarks at Brookings Event on China
6/17/21 Chairman Meeks Cheers Historic Repeal of 2002 AUMF
6/16/21 Meeks, Keating Issue Statement on President Biden’s Meeting with Vladimir Putin
6/16/21 Meeks, McCaul on Russian Mercenaries in the Central African Republic
6/15/21 Meeks, McCaul, Sires, Green Urge Biden Administration to Sanction Members of Daniel Ortega’s Anti-Democratic Regime
6/14/21 Meeks Issues Statement on the 2021 NATO Summit in Brussels
6/13/21 Chairman Meeks Issues Statement After Conclusion of G7 Summit
6/11/21 Chairman Meeks Issues Statement After Call with Ambassador Fisher
6/7/21 Meeks, McCaul Call for Immediate Release of Americans Detained by Burmese Military
6/7/21 HFAC and Equality Caucus Urge Continued Inclusion of LGBTQ Concerns in Vice President’s Work in Guatemala
6/7/21 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch, Join Biden Administration Push to Restore Cross-border Aid Deliveries in Syria
6/7/21 Meeks, McCaul, Malinowski, and Gallagher Urge the International Olympic Committee to Consider Alternative Locations for 2022 Beijing Olympics
6/6/21 Bipartisan Foreign Affairs Committee Leaders Condemn Ortega’s Assault on Nicaraguan Opposition
6/1/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement on Coup in Mali
6/1/21 Chairman Meeks Announces June HFAC Schedule

May 2021

Date Title
5/28/21 Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Biden's Budget Request
5/27/21 ICYMI: Meeks Remarks on Reinvigorating American Global Leadership in Response to Growing Competition from China
5/25/21 Meeks Introduces Legislative Package to Renew American Leadership Abroad in Face of China Challenge
5/25/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Secretary Blinken Traveling to Israel
5/21/21 Meeks Statement on Nord Stream 2
5/19/21 Bipartisan Resolution Urging Salvadoran Government to Respect Democratic Institutions Passes the House Foreign Affairs Committee
5/19/21 Meeks, Schiff, Nunes, Introduce HAVANA Act to Provide Benefits to Victims of Anomalous Health Incidents
5/19/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, and Chabot Issue Statement Celebrating U.S.-Korea Alliance
5/18/21 Meeks Leads Letter to Sec. Blinken Regarding Worsening Crisis in Lebanon