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July 2022

Date Title
7/1/22 Chairman Meeks Releases July HFAC Schedule

June 2022

Date Title
6/30/22 Meeks, Menendez Issue Joint Statement on Pride Month 2022
6/29/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Urge Renewal of Vital Syria Cross-Border Mechanism
6/29/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Joint Statement on Sudan
6/17/22 Meeks, Menendez Joint Statement on Appointment of Desirée Cormier Smith to Serve as State Department Special Representative for Racial Equity and Justice
6/15/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Statement on Threatened Turkish Incursion into Northern Syria
6/7/22 Meeks, House Chairs, Congress Urge President Biden to Recalibrate Relationship With Saudi Arabia
6/6/22 Meeks, McCaul Release Statement Regarding U.S. Hostages Held in Iran
6/4/22 Meeks, Houlahan Depart on CODEL for Helsinki, Finland
6/3/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on the 33rd Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre
6/2/22 Chairman Meeks Releases June HFAC Schedule

May 2022

Date Title
5/27/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Secretary Blinken’s Speech on the Administration’s Policy Toward China
5/26/22 Meeks, McGovern, Lee Lead Letter to President Biden Expressing Concern About Summit of the Americas Decision
5/24/22 Meeks, Bera Issue Statement on the Launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity
5/20/22 Chair Meeks Leads Bipartisan CODEL to Europe
5/18/22 Meeks, McCaul, Bass, Smith Issue Joint Statement Regarding Somali Presidential Election
5/17/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Administration’s Reversal of Certain Trump-Era Cuba Policies
5/17/22 Chairs Meeks and Sires Condemn Reappointment of Guatemalan Attorney General
5/12/22 Meeks, Castro, Wagner, Bera Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Supporting a Strong US-ASEAN Partnership
5/4/22 Chairman Meeks Releases May HFAC Schedule
5/2/22 Chairman Meeks Issues Statement on CODEL to Ukraine and Poland

April 2022

Date Title
4/29/22 Meeks Statement on House Passage of the Countering Malign Russian Activities in Africa Act
4/27/22 Chair Meeks Celebrates Trevor Reed’s Release from Russian Detention, Praises Administration’s Negotiations
4/22/22 Chairman Meeks Releases Updated April HFAC Schedule
4/21/22 Meeks, Levin, Sires, McCaul, Green Condemn Threats Against Pierre Espérance
4/19/22 Meeks, Castro, Cicilline, Titus Call on State Department to Expand Opportunities for LGBTQI+ Diplomats
4/8/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Statement on Staff-Level Agreement Between IMF, Lebanese Government
4/6/22 Meeks, McCaul, Bass, Smith Statement on Mass Killings in Central Mali
4/6/22 Meeks Issues Statement on House Passage of BURMA Act
4/6/22 Bipartisan Group of Members Urge Biden Administration to Ensure Free & Fair Lebanese Election
4/1/22 Chairman Meeks Releases April HFAC Schedule
4/1/22 Meeks, Deutch Release Joint Statement on Yemen Truce

March 2022

Date Title
3/31/22 Meeks, McCaul Introduce Russia Cryptocurrency Transparency Act
3/31/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Issue Statement on the Disbanding of Tunisia’s Parliament
3/28/22 Chairs Meeks, Deutch Lead Letter to Secretary Blinken on Bolstering Tunisia’s Governance Amid Democratic Backsliding 
3/24/22 Chairs of the United States’ and Spain’s Foreign Relations Committees Raise Concerns about Spanish-Language Disinformation and Misinformation
3/23/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on the Passing of Secretary Albright
3/21/22 Meeks Issues Statement on the Determination of Genocide Against the Rohingya
3/18/22 Meeks, Sires Issue Statement Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and Colombia
3/17/22 Meeks, McCaul Encourage Admin to Prioritize Upcoming DRC Elections
3/10/22 Meeks Statement on FY22 Omnibus Spending Package
3/9/22 Meeks Statement on Biden Administration Delegation to Caracas and the Release of Two American Citizens from Venezuela
3/4/22 Meeks Leads Bipartisan CODEL to Ukraine Border in Poland
3/2/22 House Overwhelmingly Passes Chair Meeks, Rep. Spartz Ukraine Resolution
3/1/22 Chairman Meeks Releases March HFAC Schedule

February 2022

Date Title
2/28/22 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, and Chabot Issue Statement on the One-Year Anniversary of the Mass Arrests of Hong Kong Pro-democracy Leaders
2/24/22 Meeks Issues Statement on US Response to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
2/22/22 Chair Meeks Statement on Russia’s Decision to Recognize Independence of Eastern Ukrainian Territories
2/18/22 Meeks Leads Congressional Delegation to Africa
2/15/22 Chairman Meeks Condemns Republicans’ 11th Hour Partisan Effort to Undermine Congressional Action on Ukraine
2/8/22 Meeks, Jacobs Lead Letter to Biden Administration Calling for Special Envoy and a New Strategy in the Sahel
2/4/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on the Designation of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion
2/4/22 ICYMI: Meeks Remarks Prior to House Passage of the America COMPETES Act
2/3/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on Administration’s Counterterrorism Operation in Syria
2/1/22 Chairs Meeks, Maloney, Lynch Request Review of Mental Health Resources Available to Overseas Diplomatic and Development Personnel
2/1/22 Meeks, Bera, Chabot Issue Statement on the One-year Anniversary of the Burma Coup
2/1/22 Meeks, Eshoo, Bera, Chabot, Levin, and Tenney Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Burmese Military on Anniversary of Coup

January 2022

Date Title
1/31/22 Chairman Meeks Releases February HFAC Schedule
1/31/22 As One-Year Anniversary of Burma Military Coup Approaches, Representatives Meeks and Chabot, and Senators Markey and Rubio Lead Colleagues in Calling for Stronger U.S. Action
1/27/22 Meeks, Sires, Castro, Torres Send Letter to Blinken Regarding U.S.-Honduras Relations on the Occasion of the Inauguration of President Xiomara Castro 
1/25/22 Meeks Leads Letter to Blinken Regarding Human Rights Abuses in Egypt
1/25/22 Chair Meeks Leads Bipartisan CODEL to Brussels, Ukraine
1/25/22 Chair Meeks Issues Statement on America COMPETES Act Introduction
1/21/22 Chair Meeks Introduces House Companion Bill to the Defending Ukraine Sovereignty Act of 2022 to Impose Sanctions on Russia
1/20/22 Representatives Issue Statement on Olympics Officials’ Comments on Limiting Athletes’ Free Speech During 2022 Games
1/19/22 Meeks Issues Statement on the Recent Missile Testing by North Korea
1/14/22 Meeks, McCaul, Bera, Chabot Raise Concerns Over Appropriate Burmese Participation in ASEAN Meetings
1/13/22 Durbin, Meeks Statement on New GAO Report on US Firearms Trafficking to Central America
1/12/22 Ahead of 11th Anniversary of Tunisian Revolution, Menendez, Risch, Meeks, McCaul Urge Biden Administration to Assess President Saïed’s Anti-Democratic Trajectory, Ensure Meaningful Reforms
1/11/22 Chair Meeks Issues January HFAC Schedule
1/11/22 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Raise Concerns Over U.S. Policy in Syria
1/10/22 Meeks Issues Statement on the Recent Conviction and Sentencing of Aung San Suu Kyi

December 2021

Date Title
12/23/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement on Sudanese Military Violence Against Protestors
12/23/21 Meeks Issues Statement on the Signing of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act into Law
12/21/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Proposed Special Measures Agreement Between US and Japan
12/16/21 McGovern, Meeks, Lee, Rush Lead 114 Members of Congress Calling for Biden Administration to Support Human Rights & Humanitarian Needs in Cuba
12/15/21 Wyden, Schiff, Meeks and Maloney Lead House and Senate Democrats in Calling for Magnitsky Act Sanctions Against Companies That Enable Human Rights Abuses
12/12/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Statement in Support of Ukraine
12/10/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Passage of Stop Iranian Drones Act out of Committee
12/8/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Passage of Uyghur and Peng Shuai Related Bills on House Floor
12/7/21 Meeks Issues Statement on House Passage of NDAA
12/6/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Administration’s Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics
12/3/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge State Department to Prioritize Political Solution in Engagement with Sri Lanka
12/1/21 Meeks Issues Statement on World AIDS Day

November 2021

Date Title
11/30/21 Meeks, McCaul, Deutch, Wilson Introduce Legislation to Sanction Iran’s Drones and Suppliers
11/30/21 Chair Meeks Issues December HFAC Schedule
11/23/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge Blinken to Exercise "All Available Leverage" to Secure Release of Detained U.S. Embassy Staff
11/22/21 Meeks, Bera Return from CODEL to Islamabad, Pakistan
11/12/21 Meeks, McCaul, Menendez, Risch Joint Statement on Houthi Breach of U.S. Embassy in Yemen
11/9/21 Meeks, Keating, Blumenauer and Boyle Issue Statement on UK’s Threat to Invoke Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol
11/8/21 Meeks, Menendez Urge Cybersecurity Engagement with Private, Public Sector Partners at Paris Peace Forum
11/8/21 Meeks, Sires Issue Statement on Nicaragua Elections
11/5/21 House Foreign Affairs and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Leaders Introduce Bicameral Resolution Condemning Coup in Sudan
11/4/21 Meeks, McCaul, Bass and Smith Issue Statement on One Year Anniversary of Crisis in Northern Ethiopia
11/3/21 Chair Meeks Opening and Closing Remarks for “Assessing Progress and Challenges in State Department Management, Operations, and Reforms” Hearing
11/2/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Administrations Decision to Terminate AGOA Eligibility for Ethiopia, Guinea and Mali
11/2/21 Chair Meeks Releases November HFAC Schedule

October 2021

Date Title
10/29/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Joint Statement on Feed the Future Week
10/28/21 Reps. Meeks, Nadler, and Jeffries Urge State Department to Share Information on the Failed Deportation of Convicted Nazis
10/27/21 Chair Meeks Opening and Closing Remarks for "The Administration’s FY22 Budget Request for the Peace Corps, Development Finance Corporation, and Millennium Challenge Corporation"