Latest News

March 2021

Date Title
3/17/21 Meeks, McCaul Issue Joint Statement on the Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region
3/17/21 Meeks Issues Statement on Foreign Interference in 2020 Election
3/16/21 Meeks, McCaul, Keating and Fitzpatrick Call for Release of Political Prisoners Unjustly Held in Belarus
3/14/21 Meeks, Sires Statement on the Third Anniversary of Marielle Franco’s Murder
3/12/21 Meeks Remarks at Hearing on Haiti
3/11/21 Reps. Lee, Meeks, McGovern, Schiff, and Brown to Hold Virtual Press Conference Calling for an End to Forever Wars
3/10/21 Meeks Remarks at Hearing with Secretary Blinken
3/5/21 Meeks, Congressional Leaders Applaud Biden Administration’s Commitment to Ending Endless Wars, Call for Congressional Action
3/2/21 Meeks, Keating Issue Joint Statement on Administration’s Russia Sanctions over Navalny
3/2/21 Chairman Meeks Announces March HFAC Schedule

February 2021

Date Title
2/26/21 Meeks Issues Statement Regarding Unclassified Report on Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder
2/26/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on the 7th Anniversary of Russian Aggression in Ukraine
2/25/21 Meeks, McCaul Applaud Passage of State Department Authorization Act
2/24/21 Meeks Remarks at Hearing on Restoring Diplomacy and Development
2/23/21 Meeks, McCaul, Gallagher, Langevin, Kinzinger, Keating Reintroduce the Cyber Diplomacy Act
2/23/21 House Foreign Affairs Committee and Georgia Caucus Call For Descalation of Political Situation in Republic of Georgia
2/19/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge for Calming of Political Tensions in Republic of Georgia
2/19/21 Meeks and Mccaul Lead Bipartisan Resolution Condemning China’s Abuses in Hong Kong
2/18/21 Meeks, McCaul Urge President Biden to Use Global Magnitsky Act in Response to Lokman Slim Murder
2/11/21 House Committee on Foreign Affairs and Congressional Equality Caucus Joint Statement on Situation in Chechnya
2/11/21 Meeks Statement on Press Freedom in Poland and Hungary
2/10/21 House Foreign Affairs Committee Holds Briefing on Burma
2/9/21 Meeks Statement on State’s Actions to End “Safe Third Country” Agreements
2/8/21 Meeks, Levin Welcome GAO Report on U.S. Sanctions in Venezuela
2/8/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on the Passing of Congressman Ron Wright
2/7/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on Day of Solidarity with Belarus
2/6/21 Meeks Statement on Reversal of Houthi Terrorist Designation
2/6/21 Meeks Statement on Anniversary of Dr. Li Wenliang Death
2/3/21 Meeks, Bass, and Himes Call for Reinstatement of Sanctions Against Dan Gertler
2/1/21 Meeks, McCaul Statement on On-Going Protests in Russia

January 2021

Date Title
1/31/21 Meeks Statement on GAO Report on State Department Cyber Bureau
1/31/21 Meeks Statement on Burma
1/28/21 Meeks Announces Foreign Affairs Committee Subcommittee Chairs
1/28/21 Meeks Statement on Reversal of the Global Gag Rule
1/27/21 Meeks Invites Blinken to Testify at House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing
1/25/21 Meeks, McCaul Applaud Removal of Controversial USAGM Leadership
1/22/21 Meeks, McCaul, Kaptur, Kinzinger, and Keating on Threats to U.S. International Broadcasting
1/22/21 Meeks and McCaul Call for Investigation of Alexey Navalny Poisoning
1/21/21 Meeks Statement on Biden's First 24 Hours
1/21/21 Meeks Presses for Repeal of AUMF
1/15/21 Meeks Statement on Trump Administration Rescissions Proposal
1/15/21 Meeks Leads Lawmakers in Denouncing Pompeo’s Reckless Yemen Policy
1/15/21 Meeks Introduces Measures of Disapproval for Trump Administration Rushed Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia
1/13/21 Meeks Statement on Biden Nomination of Ambassador Samantha Power as USAID Administrator
1/13/21 House Foreign Affairs Top Democrats Demand Stop to Trump Administration Arms Sales
1/12/21 Meeks, McCaul Ask for Answers on Demotion of VOA Reporter Patsy Widakuswara
1/11/21 Meeks Statement on Trump Designation of Cuba as State Sponsor of Terror
1/11/21 Meng, Meeks, and Lee Issue Statement on USAID’s Revised Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy
1/11/21 Meeks Statement on Designation of Houthis as Terrorist Organization
1/8/21 House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Call for Impeachment of Donald J. Trump
1/7/21 Meeks Statement on State Department Cyber Bureau
1/7/21 Meeks Statement on Insurrection at the Capitol
1/6/21 Meeks, McCaul Release a Joint Statement on Today’s Violence in the Capitol

December 2020

Date Title
12/31/20 Engel Releases Inspector Report Refuting Pompeo's Smears Against Former State Department Inspector General
12/26/20 Engel Statement on Brexit Agreement Between the United Kingdom and European Union
12/23/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Refusal to Sign State Department Authorization and Support American Diplomacy
12/22/20 Engel U.S.-Northern Triangle Enhanced Engagement Act Passes Congress
12/18/20 Engel Statement on Conflict Prevention Strategy
12/16/20 Engel and McCaul Statement on Turkey Actions Undermining NATO Alliance
12/12/20 Engel, McCaul Statement on Dr. Walid Fitaihi
12/11/20 Engel, McCaul, Bass, Smith on Humanitarian Access in Tigray
12/10/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on International Human Rights Day
12/10/20 Engel Statement on Morocco-Israel Announcement
12/10/20 Engel & McCaul Call for Answers on White House Investigation Into Navalny Poisoning
12/9/20 Engel Statement on Appointment of Robert Reilly as VOA Director
12/9/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on Syria
12/9/20 Engel Statement on UNESCO’s Exclusion of Taiwanese from International Science Gathering
12/9/20 Engel Statement on EU’s Adoption of Human Rights Sanctions Framework
12/9/20 Engel Calls for Magnitsky Sanctions on Human Rights Abusers in Uganda
12/8/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the Balkans
12/8/20 Engel Statement on Nomination of Lloyd Austin to Be Secretary of Defense
12/8/20 Engel Statement on Removal of State Department Authorization from the NDAA
12/7/20 Engel and Markey Call on Bangladesh to Restore Telecommunications for Rohingya Refugee Camps, Halt Relocations to Remote Island
12/3/20 Engel Statement on Election of Representative Gregory W. Meeks as Next Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs
12/3/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission
12/1/20 Engel Statement on British Government Decision Not to Investigate Patrick Finucane Murder
12/1/20 Engel Releases Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission Report

November 2020

Date Title
11/24/20 Engel & McCaul Call for End to Conflict in Ethiopia
11/24/20 Engel Statement on Nomination of Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations
11/24/20 Engel Statement on Federal Court’s Rejection of Trump’s Illegal Asylum Policy
11/24/20 Engel Releases Witness Affidavit in Committee's Investigation Into Firing of State Department Inspector General
11/23/20 Engel-Keating Statement on the Trump Administration’s Withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty
11/23/20 Engel Statement on Nomination of Antony Blinken to Be Secretary of State
11/23/20 Engel Calls on GSA Administrator to Allow Biden Transition to Move Forward
11/19/20 Engel Statement on Political Arrests and Violence in Uganda
11/19/20 Engel & Castro Demand Answers on Pompeo's Domestic Political Activity Disregarding State Department Officials' Concerns
11/16/20 Engel Statement on Afghanistan Negotiations and Troop Drawdown
11/10/20 Engel Statement on Pompeo’s Refusal to Acknowledge Election Result
11/6/20 Engel Statement on Outbreak of Conflict in Ethiopia
11/5/20 Engel Statement on Indictment of Hashim Thaci & Special Court

October 2020

Date Title
10/30/20 Engel Introduces Legislation to Limit Arms Sales in Middle East
10/30/20 Engel Statement on Elections in Tanzania
10/29/20 Engel Statement on Proposed Sale of F-35 Aircraft to UAE
10/27/20 Engel Calls on Administration to Safeguard Judiciaries Against Russian Attacks on Navalny Supporters
10/27/20 Engel Statement on Michael Pack’s Attack on the Statutory Firewall
10/26/20 Engel & McCaul Lead Bipartisan Group Opposing Normalization of the Assad Regime in Syria
10/26/20 Engel Statement on Delisting Sudan as a State Sponsor of Terrorism
10/26/20 Engel & Lowey Statement on New OSC Probe into Pompeo for Potential Hatch Act Violations
10/22/20 Engel Calls on Esper to Recommit to Upholding Human Rights in the U.S.-Indonesia Defense Relationship
10/22/20 Engel-Keating Statement on the Trump Administration’s Pending Withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty