Latest News

February 2020

Date Title
2/27/20 Engel & Menendez Expand Investigations into Politically-Motivated Retaliation at the State Department
2/26/20 Bipartisan House Leaders Urge Guatemalan President to Reject Undemocratic NGO Law
2/26/20 Engel & Menendez Expand Investigations into Politically-Motivated Retaliation at the State Department
2/20/20 Engel Statement on Richard Grenell as Acting DNI
2/18/20 McCaul, Engel Urge Pompeo to Engage on Fitaihi Case during Saudi Trip
2/14/20 Engel Statement on the White House’s Latest Justification for Soleimani Killing
2/14/20 Engel Statement on Taliban Commitments to Reduce Violence in Afghanistan
2/10/20 Engel Blasts Trump Proposal to Slash Diplomacy and Development Budget
2/7/20 Engel Statement on Lt. Colonel Vindman
2/6/20 Engel & McCaul Lead Bipartisan Warning about Coronavirus Risks Tied to Taiwan’s Exclusion from Aviation Coordinating Body
2/6/20 Engel and Castro Seek Answers on State Department’s “Birth Tourism” Visa Rules
2/5/20 Engel Statement on Attacks in Idlib, Syria
2/5/20 Engel Statement on the End of the Senate Republicans’ Sham Trial
2/5/20 Engel Statement at Coronavirus Outbreak Subcommittee Hearing
2/5/20 Menendez, Engel Statement on Anniversary of New START Treaty
2/5/20 Engel Opening Statement at Global Women’s Health Hearing
2/2/20 Engel Statement on the Retirement of Ambassador Yovanovitch

January 2020

Date Title
1/30/20 Engel Applauds House Action to Stop Unauthorized Wars
1/29/20 Engel Statement on September 23, 2019 Call with John Bolton
1/28/20 Engel Statement on Pompeo Hearing
1/27/20 Engel & Menendez Statement on a Two-State Solution
1/24/20 Engel Statement on State Department’s Failure to Meet Deadline on Yovanovitch Security Inquiry
1/19/20 Engel and Keating Urge Polish President to Reject Dangerous Judicial Reforms
1/18/20 Bipartisan House Leaders Condemn Honduran President’s Decision not to Extend MACCIH
1/17/20 Engel Presses Top Navy Admiral on United States Policy on Serbia
1/17/20 Engel Sets New Date for Hearing with Pompeo on Iran, Iraq, and the Use of Force in the Region
1/16/20 Engel Statement on GAO Report Regarding Trump’s Hold on Ukraine Security Assistance
1/15/20 Engel Demands Documents from State Department on Potential Threat to Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Security
1/15/20 Engel Statement Putin’s Constitutional Changes
1/15/20 Engel Statement on Potential Threats to Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Security
1/15/20 Engel and Ryan Introduce Measure Condemning Threats to Target Cultural Sites
1/15/20 Engel Opening Statement at Full Committee Hearing on U.S. Lessons Learned in Afghanistan
1/14/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the Administration’s Iran Policy
1/14/20 Four Chairs Statement on Transmission of Additional Evidence as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
1/13/20 Engel Statement on Pompeo’s Decision Not to Testify
1/13/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Taiwan Elections
1/12/20 Engel and Members Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake
1/10/20 Engel Statement on Crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752
1/10/20 Engel, McCaul, Risch, Menendez Seek Answers About World Bank Hiring Practices Concerning Employees from Taiwan
1/9/20 Engel Floor Remarks on War Powers Resolution
1/9/20 Engel Statement on the Sanctioning of South Sudan’s First Vice President
1/7/20 Engel Statement on Australian Wildfires
1/6/20 Engel Statement Regarding the Arrest of MP Robert Kyagulanyi
1/5/20 Engel Statement on the Attack on Manda Bay Airfield
1/2/20 Engel Statement on Killing of Qasem Soleimani

December 2019

Date Title
12/18/19 Engel Remarks on Impeachment
12/17/19 Engel Decries Trump Administration Recall of Ambassador Bill Taylor
12/13/19 Engel Announces Changes to Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Leadership
12/11/19 Engel Statement on Turkey Resettling Refugees in Formerly Kurdish Northeast Syria
12/10/19 Engel Statement ahead of President Trump’s Meeting with Sergey Lavrov
12/10/19 Engel Announces Hearing with Special Inspector General for Afghanistan in Light of New Reporting on the War in Afghanistan
12/10/19 Engel Statement on Articles of Impeachment
12/10/19 Engel and McCaul Introduce Global Hope Act to Improve Childhood Cancer Survival Rate Worldwide
12/6/19 Engel, Sires Demand Answers from Secretary Pompeo on Central America Aid Cuts
12/6/19 Engel Statement on NDI & IRI's Work in Georgia
12/5/19 Engel Statement on China's Threat to Sanction U.S. N.G.Os
12/4/19 Engel Measure Supporting the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria Passes House
12/4/19 Engel Remarks at Committee Hearing on New START Treaty
12/4/19 Readout of Foreign Affairs Committee Meeting with Prime Minister Hamdok of Sudan
12/3/19 Suozzi, Engel, & King Welcome Unanimous House Passage of Measure Reaffirming Congress’s Support for the Good Friday Agreement
12/3/19 Bipartisan House Leaders Call for Extension of Honduras Anti-Corruption Commission
12/3/19 Chairmen Engel and Smith Demand Answers on Administration’s Negotiations with Asian Allies
12/2/19 Engel Statement on Iran Protests

November 2019

Date Title
11/22/19 Engel & Smith Demand Answers on WH Scheme on Open Skies Treaty
11/22/19 Engel Statement on Japan-South Korea Military Information Agreement
11/21/19 Engel Leads Passage of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
11/16/19 Committees Release Morrison and Williams Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/15/19 Engel Leads House Effort to Advocate for Malachy McAllister
11/14/19 Engel Statement on NDAA
11/14/19 Engel & Maloney Statement on Watchdog Report of Trump Administration Abuse of Career Public Servants
11/13/19 Lawmakers Call for Justice for La Saline Massacre in Haiti
11/13/19 Engel Statement on Trump-Erdogan Meeting
11/11/19 Engel Leads Bipartisan Effort Urging Trump to Rescind White House Invitation to Turkey’s Erdogan
11/10/19 Engel Statement on Resignation of Bolivian President Morales
11/8/19 Committees Release Vindman and Hill Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/7/19 Committees Release George Kent’s Deposition Transcript as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/7/19 Engel & McCaul Statement on Protests in Iraq
11/6/19 Committees Release Ambassador Bill Taylor’s Deposition Transcript as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/5/19 Committees Release Sondland and Volker Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/5/19 Committees Request Deposition with White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney in House Impeachment Inquiry
11/4/19 Committees Release Testimony of Yovanovitch and McKinley as Part of New Public Phase of Impeachment Inquiry
11/4/19 Engel Statement on Trump Pulling Out of Paris Agreement

October 2019

Date Title
10/31/19 Engel Floor Remarks on Resolution for Open Hearings on Trump’s Abuse of Power
10/31/19 Engel Statement on Lebanon
10/30/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.R. 2153, H.Res. 189, H.Res. 230, H.R. 1771, H.Res. 410, H.Res. 349, H.R.4754, S.178, H.Res. 585, H.R. 554, H.R. 2881, H.R. 3763, H.Res. 446, H.R. 1819, H.R. 4802, H.R. 4862, H.Res. 649, H.Res. 546
10/29/19 Four Chairs Statement on Resolution for Open Hearings on Trump’s Abuse of Power
10/29/19 Engel Floor Statement on Armenian Genocide Resolution
10/29/19 Engel Turkey Sanctions Bill Passes House with Overwhelming Bipartisan Vote
10/29/19 Engel and Menendez Raise Alarms about Administration Failures to Constrain Russian Nuclear Forces Files
10/28/19 Engel Demands Answers on the Misuse of U.S. Weapons in Yemen
10/27/19 Engel Statement on Baghdadi Raid
10/25/19 OMB and State Department Officials Subpoenaed in House Impeachment Inquiry
10/23/19 Engel Remarks at Committee Hearing on the Trump Administration’s Fiasco in Syria
10/23/19 Engel Statement on President Trump Lifting Sanctions on Turkey
10/23/19 Three Chairs Send Letter to State Department Demanding Release of Key Documents
10/22/19 Engel Statement on Russia-Turkey Agreement
10/22/19 Engel Floor Statement on Georgia Support Act
10/22/19 Engel Floor Statement Calling for Justice for the Bytyqi Brothers
10/22/19 Engel Remarks on Human Rights in South Asia
10/22/19 Engel Floor Statement Calling on Russia to Release Paul Whelan