Latest News

March 2020

Date Title
3/27/20 Engel Calls for State Department Personnel Protections During COVID-19
3/26/20 Engel Statement on State Department Briefing for Members of Congress on Repatriation Efforts
3/26/20 Engel & Smith Lead Effort Pushing Trump Administration to Maintain Humanitarian Assistance to Yemen during Coronavirus Crisis
3/19/20 Engel Statement on New State Department Advisory against Travel Due to Coronavirus
3/18/20 Engel Statement on China Expelling American Journalists
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Trump’s Coronavirus Response and Travel Restrictions
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Putin’s Lifetime Presidency Plot
3/12/20 Engel Statement on Strikes in Iraq
3/11/20 Engel Leads House Effort to Stop Military Force against Iran
3/11/20 Engel Statement on Trump Administration’s Stonewalling on Iran
3/6/20 Engel, Castro, and Sires Open an Inquiry into Trump Administration Scheme to Deport Asylum Seekers
3/6/20 Foreign Affairs Committee Leaders Introduce Legislation to Support Sudan’s Democratic Transition
3/5/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Hong Kong
3/4/20 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.Res. 512, H.R. 5408, H.Res. 742, H.R. 5664, H.Res. 720, H.R. 2166, H.R. 2847, H.Res. 723, H.Res. 809, H.Res. 458, H.R. 1611
3/4/20 Engel Statement on Meeting with Honduran Attorney General
3/3/20 Engel & Castro Push State Department for Answers on Payments to Trump Properties

February 2020

Date Title
2/29/20 Engel Statement on U.S. Agreements with the Taliban and with the Afghan Government
2/27/20 Engel & Menendez Expand Investigations into Politically-Motivated Retaliation at the State Department
2/27/20 Engel, McCaul Statement on Anniversary of Russian Invasion of Crimea
2/26/20 Engel & Menendez Expand Investigations into Politically-Motivated Retaliation at the State Department
2/26/20 Bipartisan House Leaders Urge Guatemalan President to Reject Undemocratic NGO Law
2/20/20 Engel Statement on Richard Grenell as Acting DNI
2/18/20 McCaul, Engel Urge Pompeo to Engage on Fitaihi Case during Saudi Trip
2/14/20 Engel Statement on Taliban Commitments to Reduce Violence in Afghanistan
2/14/20 Engel Statement on the White House’s Latest Justification for Soleimani Killing
2/10/20 Engel Blasts Trump Proposal to Slash Diplomacy and Development Budget
2/7/20 Engel Statement on Lt. Colonel Vindman
2/6/20 Engel and Castro Seek Answers on State Department’s “Birth Tourism” Visa Rules
2/6/20 Engel & McCaul Lead Bipartisan Warning about Coronavirus Risks Tied to Taiwan’s Exclusion from Aviation Coordinating Body
2/5/20 Menendez, Engel Statement on Anniversary of New START Treaty
2/5/20 Engel Opening Statement at Global Women’s Health Hearing
2/5/20 Engel Statement on Attacks in Idlib, Syria
2/5/20 Engel Statement on the End of the Senate Republicans’ Sham Trial
2/5/20 Engel Statement at Coronavirus Outbreak Subcommittee Hearing
2/2/20 Engel Statement on the Retirement of Ambassador Yovanovitch

January 2020

Date Title
1/30/20 Engel Applauds House Action to Stop Unauthorized Wars
1/29/20 Engel Statement on September 23, 2019 Call with John Bolton
1/28/20 Engel Statement on Pompeo Hearing
1/27/20 Engel & Menendez Statement on a Two-State Solution
1/24/20 Engel Statement on State Department’s Failure to Meet Deadline on Yovanovitch Security Inquiry
1/19/20 Engel and Keating Urge Polish President to Reject Dangerous Judicial Reforms
1/18/20 Bipartisan House Leaders Condemn Honduran President’s Decision not to Extend MACCIH
1/17/20 Engel Sets New Date for Hearing with Pompeo on Iran, Iraq, and the Use of Force in the Region
1/17/20 Engel Presses Top Navy Admiral on United States Policy on Serbia
1/16/20 Engel Statement on GAO Report Regarding Trump’s Hold on Ukraine Security Assistance
1/15/20 Engel Opening Statement at Full Committee Hearing on U.S. Lessons Learned in Afghanistan
1/15/20 Engel and Ryan Introduce Measure Condemning Threats to Target Cultural Sites
1/15/20 Engel Statement on Potential Threats to Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Security
1/15/20 Engel Demands Documents from State Department on Potential Threat to Ambassador Yovanovitch’s Security
1/15/20 Engel Statement Putin’s Constitutional Changes
1/14/20 Four Chairs Statement on Transmission of Additional Evidence as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
1/14/20 Engel Remarks at Hearing on the Administration’s Iran Policy
1/13/20 Engel & McCaul Statement on Taiwan Elections
1/13/20 Engel Statement on Pompeo’s Decision Not to Testify
1/12/20 Engel and Members Statement on the Tenth Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake
1/10/20 Engel, McCaul, Risch, Menendez Seek Answers About World Bank Hiring Practices Concerning Employees from Taiwan
1/10/20 Engel Statement on Crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752
1/9/20 Engel Statement on the Sanctioning of South Sudan’s First Vice President
1/9/20 Engel Floor Remarks on War Powers Resolution
1/7/20 Engel Statement on Australian Wildfires
1/6/20 Engel Statement Regarding the Arrest of MP Robert Kyagulanyi
1/5/20 Engel Statement on the Attack on Manda Bay Airfield
1/2/20 Engel Statement on Killing of Qasem Soleimani

December 2019

Date Title
12/18/19 Engel Remarks on Impeachment
12/17/19 Engel Decries Trump Administration Recall of Ambassador Bill Taylor
12/13/19 Engel Announces Changes to Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Leadership
12/11/19 Engel Statement on Turkey Resettling Refugees in Formerly Kurdish Northeast Syria
12/10/19 Engel and McCaul Introduce Global Hope Act to Improve Childhood Cancer Survival Rate Worldwide
12/10/19 Engel Statement ahead of President Trump’s Meeting with Sergey Lavrov
12/10/19 Engel Announces Hearing with Special Inspector General for Afghanistan in Light of New Reporting on the War in Afghanistan
12/10/19 Engel Statement on Articles of Impeachment
12/6/19 Engel Statement on NDI & IRI's Work in Georgia
12/6/19 Engel, Sires Demand Answers from Secretary Pompeo on Central America Aid Cuts
12/5/19 Engel Statement on China's Threat to Sanction U.S. N.G.Os
12/4/19 Readout of Foreign Affairs Committee Meeting with Prime Minister Hamdok of Sudan
12/4/19 Engel Measure Supporting the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria Passes House
12/4/19 Engel Remarks at Committee Hearing on New START Treaty
12/3/19 Chairmen Engel and Smith Demand Answers on Administration’s Negotiations with Asian Allies
12/3/19 Suozzi, Engel, & King Welcome Unanimous House Passage of Measure Reaffirming Congress’s Support for the Good Friday Agreement
12/3/19 Bipartisan House Leaders Call for Extension of Honduras Anti-Corruption Commission
12/2/19 Engel Statement on Iran Protests

November 2019

Date Title
11/22/19 Engel & Smith Demand Answers on WH Scheme on Open Skies Treaty
11/22/19 Engel Statement on Japan-South Korea Military Information Agreement
11/21/19 Engel Leads Passage of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act
11/16/19 Committees Release Morrison and Williams Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/15/19 Engel Leads House Effort to Advocate for Malachy McAllister
11/14/19 Engel & Maloney Statement on Watchdog Report of Trump Administration Abuse of Career Public Servants
11/14/19 Engel Statement on NDAA
11/13/19 Engel Statement on Trump-Erdogan Meeting
11/13/19 Lawmakers Call for Justice for La Saline Massacre in Haiti
11/11/19 Engel Leads Bipartisan Effort Urging Trump to Rescind White House Invitation to Turkey’s Erdogan
11/10/19 Engel Statement on Resignation of Bolivian President Morales
11/8/19 Committees Release Vindman and Hill Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/7/19 Committees Release George Kent’s Deposition Transcript as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/7/19 Engel & McCaul Statement on Protests in Iraq
11/6/19 Committees Release Ambassador Bill Taylor’s Deposition Transcript as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/5/19 Committees Release Sondland and Volker Transcripts as Part of Impeachment Inquiry
11/5/19 Committees Request Deposition with White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney in House Impeachment Inquiry
11/4/19 Committees Release Testimony of Yovanovitch and McKinley as Part of New Public Phase of Impeachment Inquiry
11/4/19 Engel Statement on Trump Pulling Out of Paris Agreement