Latest News

June 2019

Date Title
6/5/19 Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Reject Trump Administration’s End-Run Around Congress on Arms Sales to Gulf Countries, Promise New Legislation and Tough Oversight
6/4/19 Engel Remarks at Tiananmen at 30: Examining the Evolution of Repression in China Hearing
6/4/19 Engel Statement on Violence against Peaceful Protesters in Sudan

May 2019

Date Title
5/28/19 Engel, Wilson, Hastings, Kaptur Introduce Bipartisan U.S.-Hungary Resolution
5/26/19 Chairman Engel’s Travel to Lebanon
5/24/19 Leading Lawmakers Unveil Congressional Oversight Framework for the Potential Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
5/23/19 Engel Statement on India's Elections
5/23/19 Engel Statement on Arms Sales
5/22/19 Engel Statement on Tillerson Meeting
5/22/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Syria
5/22/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.R. 2615, H.R. 2744, H.R. 598, H.R. 2140, H.R. 2023, H.R. 2046, H.Res. 129, H.Res. 372, H.Res. 345
5/22/19 Engel’s Global Fragility Passed by House
5/22/19 Engel Lauds Launch of Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission
5/20/19 Nearly 400 Lawmakers Call on Trump to Address Threats in Syria
5/18/19 Engel Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the End of the Sri Lanka Civil War
5/16/19 Engel & Asia Subcommittee Democrats to Trump: Appoint an Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asia
5/16/19 Engel Statement on State Department Denying Citizenship to Children of Americans
5/16/19 Engel Remarks at Subcommittee Hearing on The Dangers of Reporting on Human Rights
5/16/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Rebalancing U.S.-Africa Policy
5/16/19 Schiff, Engel, and Smith Demand Briefing and Documents on Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance Report
5/15/19 Engel Statement on Iran
5/15/19 Engel Statement on Violence Against Protesters in Sudan
5/15/19 Bipartisan House Leadership Calls on Turkey to Cancel Russian Weapons Purchase
5/10/19 Engel & Kaptur Call on Trump to Cancel Orban Meeting
5/9/19 Engel, McCaul Introduce Legislation to Address Root Causes of Migration from Central America
5/8/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on China
5/8/19 Engel, McCaul Introduce Legislation to Maintain Limits on Russian Nuclear Forces
5/7/19 Engel & Hoyer Statement on U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Masha Yovanovitch
5/6/19 Engel & Waters Demand Overdue Russian Sanctions Report
5/3/19 Engel & Menendez Call for Answers on Payment to North Korea for Otto Warmbier Release
5/3/19 Engel Leads Landmark Climate Bill to Pass the House
5/2/19 Engel Statement on Yom Hashoah
5/2/19 Castro, Smith, Engel, McCaul, Sherman, Yoho Joint Statement on Introduction of Bipartisan U.S.-Japan Resolution
5/1/19 Engel Floor Remarks on H.R.9, Climate Action Now Act
5/1/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Countering a Resurgent Russia

April 2019

Date Title
4/30/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Kosovo’s Wartime Victims
4/26/19 Engel Slams Trump Decision to Withdraw from Arms Treaty
4/24/19 Engel Decries Trump Administration Restricting Women's Rights in U.N. Security Council Vote
4/23/19 Engel, McCaul Urge Administration to Reconsider Aid Cuts to Central America
4/19/19 Engel Statement on Mueller Report Foreign Policy Implications
4/17/19 Engel Statement on Trump’s Veto of Yemen War Powers Resolution
4/17/19 Engel on Implementation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act
4/17/19 Engel Statement on Changes to U.S. Policy Toward Cuba
4/17/19 House Chairs Demand AG Barr Cancel Press Conference on Mueller Report
4/12/19 Engel, Lowey, Deutch, Schneider Statement on a Two-State Solution
4/11/19 Engel Statement on the Arrest of Julian Assange
4/11/19 Engel Statement on the Coup & Transitional Government in Sudan
4/10/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on the Importance of U.S. Assistance to Central America
4/10/19 Committee Chairs Push for Release of Unredacted Mueller Report to Congress
4/9/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.R. 9
4/9/19 Engel Statement at Foreign Assistance Budget Hearing
4/8/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Demand State Department Transparency on Afghanistan
4/4/19 Engel Statement on NATO Anniversary
4/4/19 Engel Floor Remarks on Yemen War Powers Resolution
4/4/19 Engel, Nadler, Lofgren, Jayapal, Espaillat Question Customs and Border Protection Move of Detainees
4/3/19 Readout of Meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister
4/2/19 Keating Opening Statement at Climate Change Hearing
4/2/19 Engel & McCaul Introduce Legislation to Reaffirm American Commitment to Taiwan
4/1/19 Engel, Nadler, Lofgren, Jayapal, Espaillat Examine Detention Conditions in El Paso

March 2019

Date Title
3/30/19 In El Salvador, Engel, Nadler, Lofgren, Jayapal, Espaillat Condemn President Trump Cutting Aid to Central America
3/29/19 Engel, McCaul Joint Statement on U.S.-Colombia Relations
3/28/19 Engel Calls for Action to Counter White Nationalist International Terrorism
3/27/19 Engel Remarks at Press Conference on H.R. 9: Climate Action Now Act
3/27/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on State Department’s 2020 Budget Request
3/26/19 Engel Statement on World Tuberculosis Day
3/25/19 House Committee Chairs Demand DOJ Release Full Mueller Report & Underlying Evidence to Congress
3/22/19 House Committee Chairs Joint Statement Calling for Full Disclosure of Mueller Report from DOJ and Release of Underlying Evidence to Relevant Com
3/22/19 Engel Statement on North Korea Sanctions
3/22/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.R. 920, H.R. 854, H.R. 1477
3/22/19 FACT SHEET: The Trump Administration’s Plan to Ease Regulations on Weapons Exports
3/21/19 Chairmen Cummings, Engel, Schiff Statement Responding to White House Letter on Trump-Putin Communications
3/21/19 Engel Statement on Kazakhstan Presidential Transition
3/18/19 House National Security Chairmen and Ranking Members Joint Statement on Iraq Security
3/15/19 Engel Statement on Massacre in New Zealand
3/15/19 Engel & Menendez to Pompeo: Turn Over Documents on Political Targeting of Career Employees at State Department
3/13/19 Engel & McCaul Offer Legislation Reaffirming the Pillars of American Foreign Policy
3/13/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on NATO
3/11/19 Engel Presses for Action on Cameroon's Crackdown on Political Expression Files
3/11/19 Engel Statement on White House Foreign Affairs Budget Request
3/8/19 Engel Statement on Paul Whelan Treatment by Russian Authorities
3/8/19 House Chairs Introduce Resolution on Mueller Report
3/8/19 Engel Decries Reported State Department Retaliation Against Journalist for Criticizing Trump
3/7/19 Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Prevent Conflict and Violence in Fragile Countries Files
3/7/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of H.Res. 75, H.R. 739, H.Res. 156, H.R. 596, H.R. 295
3/4/19 House Chairmen Request Documents and Interviews on President Trump's Communications with Putin
3/4/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Demands Administration Response to China's Human Rights Abuses Files
3/1/19 Engel Statement on Representative Omar's Comments

February 2019

Date Title
2/28/19 Engel Statement on Senate Republicans Blocking Yemen War Resolution
2/28/19 Engel Statement on North Korea Summit
2/28/19 Engel to Pompeo: Raise Human Rights Concerns with Duterte Government
2/28/19 Engel Statement on India-Pakistan Hostilities
2/27/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Trump Administration Foreign Policy
2/27/19 Engel & McCaul Introduce Legislation Pushing for Accountability for the Boris Nemtsov Assassination
2/27/19 Engel Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of Russia’s Occupation of Crimea
2/27/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Leadership Calls on Administration to Recognize Rohingya Genocide
2/26/19 Democratic Leaders to Pompeo: Continue Funding the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
2/26/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Presses Administration for Answers on U.S. Weapons with Al-Qaeda Groups in Yemen Files
2/25/19 Engel Remarks on the Trump Administration’s North Korea Policy
2/25/19 Engel Statement on United Kingdom’s Hizballah Terrorist Designation
2/22/19 House Chairs Tell Barr They Expect Mueller Report to Be Made Public