Latest News

February 2019

Date Title
2/28/19 Engel Statement on North Korea Summit
2/28/19 Engel to Pompeo: Raise Human Rights Concerns with Duterte Government
2/28/19 Engel Statement on India-Pakistan Hostilities
2/27/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Trump Administration Foreign Policy
2/27/19 Engel & McCaul Introduce Legislation Pushing for Accountability for the Boris Nemtsov Assassination
2/27/19 Engel Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of Russia’s Occupation of Crimea
2/27/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Leadership Calls on Administration to Recognize Rohingya Genocide
2/26/19 Democratic Leaders to Pompeo: Continue Funding the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
2/26/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Presses Administration for Answers on U.S. Weapons with Al-Qaeda Groups in Yemen Files
2/25/19 Engel Remarks on the Trump Administration’s North Korea Policy
2/25/19 Engel Statement on United Kingdom’s Hizballah Terrorist Designation
2/22/19 House Chairs Tell Barr They Expect Mueller Report to Be Made Public
2/21/19 Engel, Smith, & Schiff to Trump: Stop Withholding Information on North Korea from Congress
2/15/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Leadership Statement on Nigerian Elections
2/14/19 Trump Appointee Has Avoided Investigation and Should Face Discipline, New DHS Memo Says
2/14/19 Readout of Engel Meeting with South Korean National Assembly Delegation
2/14/19 Engel Announces Vice Chairs for Foreign Affairs Subcommittees
2/13/19 Engel Floor Remarks on War Powers Resolution
2/13/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on Venezuela
2/12/19 Hoyer & Engel Statement on Venezuela
2/12/19 House Foreign Affairs Committee Calls for Administration Action to Protect Democracy in Bangladesh
2/12/19 Bipartisan, Bicameral Group of Lawmakers Offers Legislation on U.S.-Japan-South Korea Trilateral Cooperation
2/11/19 Engel Statement on Representative Omar’s Comments
2/8/19 Torres, Engel Introduce Bill to Block Trump Administration Proposal to Regulate Firearm Exports
2/8/19 Engel Statement on the Administration Ignoring Congress on Khashoggi Murder
2/6/19 Readout of Engel Meeting with Carlos Vecchio
2/6/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup of War Powers Resolution on U.S. Involvement in Yemen
2/6/19 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Hearing on U.S. Policy in the Arabian Peninsula
2/6/19 Engel, McCaul Call for U.S. Support of North Macedonia NATO Membership Files
2/5/19 Chairman Engel speaks at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2/5/19 Engel Statement on Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
2/1/19 Engel Statement on Trump Administration INF Withdrawal
2/1/19 Engel Statement on Pentagon’s ISIS Report
2/1/19 Engel Announces First Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing and Markup

January 2019

Date Title
1/29/19 WATCH: Full Committee Organizational Meeting
1/29/19 Engel Announces Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Democrats and Committee Vice Chair
1/28/19 Engel Statement on New Venezuela Sanctions
1/28/19 Engel Statement on Afghanistan
1/27/19 Engel Statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
1/25/19 Engel, McCaul, Bass, and Smith Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Condemning Terrorist Attack in Kenya Files
1/24/19 Engel & McCaul Urge Pompeo to Prioritize Safety of U.S. Diplomats in Venezuela
1/23/19 Engel Statement on Venezuela
1/22/19 Engel Floor Remarks on NATO Support Act
1/22/19 Engel & McCaul Applaud House Passage of Syria Sanctions Bill
1/18/19 Engel Statement on Canceled Congressional Delegation
1/17/19 Engel Remarks on Russia Sanctions Resolution
1/17/19 Engel Announces Democratic Foreign Affairs Committee Members and First Hearing Topic
1/17/19 Engel Statement on the Deaths of Four Americans in Syria
1/16/19 Engel Statement on Protests in Zimbabwe
1/15/19 Engel Pushes State Department to Address Concerns About DRC Elections Files
1/14/19 Engel Leads House Dems in Demanding Answers on EU Diplomatic Downgrade Files
1/12/19 Engel Statement on Trump-Putin Meetings
1/10/19 Engel Statement on Secretary Pompeo's Cairo Speech
1/10/19 New Video: The Illegitimacy of Nicolas Maduro’s New Term
1/9/19 Engel to Pompeo: Condemn Bolsonaro’s Assault on Human Rights
1/8/19 House Chairs Demand Answers on Sanctions Relief for Russian Oligarch
1/7/19 Engel Statement on DRC Elections
1/7/19 Engel on Guatemalan Government Effort to Immediately Close CICIG
1/4/19 Engel Calls on Pompeo to Act on Sudan Human Rights Files
1/4/19 Engel Elected Chairman of Committee on Foreign Affairs

December 2018

Date Title
12/31/18 Engel Statement on Bangladesh Election
12/28/18 Engel to Pompeo: Push to Secure Justice for Victims of the Kosovo War
12/21/18 Engel Statement on Afghanistan Drawdown
12/21/18 Engel & Smith Lead Effort Demanding Answers on Syria Withdrawal
12/20/18 Engel Statement on the Erosion of Democracy in Nicaragua
12/19/18 Engel Statement on Syria Troop Withdrawal
12/18/18 Engel on Trump Administration Announcement of Assistance to Central America and Mexico
12/15/18 Engel Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of South Sudan's Civil War
12/12/18 Engel Remarks on United States Policy in Africa
12/12/18 Engel Slams Republican Rule for Blocking Debate on Yemen
12/12/18 Engel, Ros-Lehtinen Statement on Guatemala
12/10/18 Engel Statement on Lyudmila Alexeyeva
12/7/18 Engel Demands Answers on U.S. Military Vehicles in Guatemala Files
12/7/18 Engel Welcomes GAO Report on Reintegration of Central American Migrants
12/7/18 Engel Statement on Nomination of Heather Nauert to Be Ambassador to the United Nations
12/4/18 Engel Statement on the INF Treaty
12/4/18 Engel Statement on Rohingya
12/1/18 Engel Statement on World AIDS Day

November 2018

Date Title
11/30/18 Engel & Royce Offer Legislation Condemning Russian Aggression, Reaffirming Support for Ukraine
11/29/18 Readout of Engel Meeting with Former NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen
11/28/18 Top Dems Call on Bolton to Raise Broad Human Rights Agenda with Brazil President-Elect Bolsonaro Files
11/28/18 Global Fragility and Violence Reduction Act Passes House
11/28/18 Engel Condemns Trump Administration’s Refusal to Brief House Members on Saudi Arabia
11/28/18 Engel Demands Answers on Trump Admin. Use of Tear Gas in Mexico Files
11/27/18 Engel Floor Remarks on DRC Democracy and Accountability Act
11/27/18 Engel Remarks on U.S.-Mexico Economic Partnership Act
11/26/18 Engel Statement on Russian Aggression in the Azov Sea
11/26/18 Engel Statement on Anniversary of Mumbai Attack
11/20/18 Engel Statement on the U.S.-Saudi Relationship
11/20/18 Engel Statement on Potential Addition of Venezuela to State Sponsor of Terrorism List
11/17/18 Engel Statement on Fethullah Gulen
11/15/18 Engel Statement on Sanctions Related to Khashoggi Killing
11/14/18 House Dems Slam Proposed State Dept. Censorship on Women's Health Files
11/13/18 Engel Statement on Republicans Blocking Debate on Yemen Resolution
11/13/18 Readout of Engel Meeting with Secretary Pompeo
11/13/18 Engel Remarks on PEPFAR Extension Act
11/9/18 House Dems Urge Sri Lanka to Reopen Parliament, Commit to Democratic Process Files
11/2/18 Engel Statement on Iran Sanctions Waivers

October 2018

Date Title
10/26/18 Engel, Meeks & Europe Subcommittee Democrats to Pompeo: Push for Release of U.S. Citizens Imprisoned in Turkey
10/24/18 Smith, Engel Warn Against Exit from the INF & New START Treaties: “It Would Divide Our Allies and Play Directly Into President Putin’s Hands”