Latest News

October 2018

Date Title
10/22/18 Engel Warns President Trump against Illegally Withholding Aid to Central America
10/19/18 Engel Statement on Saudi Explanation of Jamal Khashoggi’s Death
10/19/18 Engel Statement on Indictment of Russian for Election Interference
10/19/18 Engel Statement on Trump Administration Plan to Withdraw From INF Treaty
10/17/18 Engel, Ros-Lehtinen to Ecuadorian President: Hand Over Julian Assange to Proper Authorities
10/12/18 Smith, Engel, and Schiff Joint Statement Demanding Action on the Disappearance of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
10/12/18 Royce, Engel Press for Swift Action Following Disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi
10/9/18 Engel, Moulton Call on Pompeo to Investigate Misuse of U.S. Military Equipment by Guatemalan Government
10/2/18 Engel Decries Trump Administration Funding Deportations from Mexico

September 2018

Date Title
9/27/18 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
9/26/18 Engel Remarks on Hizballah International Financing Prevention Act
9/26/18 Engel Statement on Yemen Resolution
9/26/18 Engel Remarks on the Rohingya Crisis
9/26/18 Engel Welcomes Senate Action on Syria Sanctions Bill
9/26/18 Engel Honors Recreated Arch of Palmyra
9/25/18 Engel Statement on Trump's UN Speech
9/17/18 Engel Blasts State Department's Slashing of Refugee Numbers
9/14/18 Torres, Engel, Lofgren Urge President Trump to Expand Life-Saving Program for Central American Refugees
9/13/18 Foreign Affairs Committee Republicans Block Effort to Get Answers on Trump-Putin Summit
9/13/18 Engel Remarks on U.S. Sanctions Policy
9/13/18 Engel, Tri-Caucus Chairs Demand Answers on State Department Policy on Hate Speech
9/13/18 Engel Demands Investigation Into Trump-Putin Summit
9/4/18 Engel, Sires on CICIG Commissioner Visa

August 2018

Date Title
8/31/18 Engel & Sires Statement on Failure to Renew CICIG
8/24/18 Engel Leads Bipartisan Group Pushing for Justice for Victims of Mass Atrocities in Burma
8/22/18 Cummings and Engel Raise Concerns About Promotion of State Department Official Who Engaged in Political Retaliation Against Career Employees
8/9/18 Engel Statement on 10th Anniversary of Georgia-Russia War
8/9/18 Engel Statement on New Russia Sanctions
8/9/18 Engel Statement on Hamas Attacks
8/2/18 Menendez, Engel Lead Over 100 Members of Congress in Demanding TPS for El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti
8/2/18 Bipartisan Group in Congress Urges Trump Administration to Utilize Global Magnitsky Sanctions in Central America
8/1/18 Engel Statement on Zimbabwe Elections

July 2018

Date Title
7/23/18 Readout of Engel Call on the NATO Alliance with Montenegro's Top Diplomat
7/23/18 Readout of Engel Call on the NATO Alliance with Montenegro's Top Diplomat
7/23/18 Engel Remarks on Resolution Condemning Trump’s Actions in Helsinki
7/20/18 Engel Decries State Department Policy to Allow 3-D Gun Printing
7/19/18 Engel Remarks at Press Conference to Announce New Russia Legislation
7/19/18 Democratic Lawmakers to Trump: No Russian Interrogation of Americans
7/17/18 House GOP Rejects Speaker's Repudiation of Trump Helsinki Disaster
7/16/18 Engel: Trump-Putin Press Conference Was a Disgrace
7/16/18 Engel, Menendez on Trump-Putin Summit and Syria
7/16/18 House Foreign Affairs Democrats Demand State Department Reunify Children with Deported Parents
7/13/18 Engel Statement on U.N. Security Council Arms Embargo on South Sudan
7/13/18 House Foreign Affairs Democrats to Trump: Cancel Putin Meeting
7/12/18 Engel Statement Condemning Trump's Harmful Behavior at NATO Summit
7/11/18 Engel on Trump Administration's Western Hemisphere Policy
7/11/18 Engel Remarks on House NATO Resolution
7/11/18 Engel Defends Foreign Policy Priorities in National Defense Authorization Act Negotiations
7/10/18 Forty-Four Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committee Democrats Release Statement on Trump Meetings With NATO and Putin
7/9/18 Engel, Frankel Decry Trump Administration Ousting of Female Career Ambassadors for Male Political Appointees
7/2/18 Engel Statement on Mexico's Election

June 2018

Date Title
6/28/18 Engel Statement at Full Committee Markup
6/26/18 Engel Statement on Supreme Court's Muslim Ban Ruling
6/22/18 Engel, Torres, Espaillat Introduce Legislation to Keep Central American Families Together
6/20/18 Engel Statement on World Refugee Day
6/20/18 Engel Remarks on U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan
6/19/18 Engel Statement on Planned U.S. Withdrawal from the UN Human Rights Council
6/19/18 Top Democrats Demand Answers on Trump Loyalty Tests for Public Servants
6/18/18 Engel Statement on Election of Ivan Duque in Colombia
6/14/18 Engel Remarks on the Promoting Democracy in American Foreign Policy
6/12/18 Engel Statement on the North Korea Summit
6/8/18 Engel Statement on Trump's G7 Russia Comments
6/7/18 Readout of Engel Call on Trump Trade War with Chair of Canadian House of Commons Committee on Foreign Affairs
6/7/18 Engel & Nadler Statement on Trump Settlement with Chinese ZTE Corporation
6/6/18 Bipartisan Group of Lawmakers Offers North Korea Bill
6/5/18 Engel to Pompeo: Turn Over Documents Related to Whistleblower Charges
6/5/18 Engel Statement on Lifting State of Emergency in Ethiopia
6/1/18 Engel Statement on Trump's Trade War

May 2018

Date Title
5/31/18 Engel Statement on Ambassador Friedman's Comments
5/25/18 Top Democrats Seek Information on “Dirty Ops” Campaign Against Obama Administration Officials Involved With Negotiating Iran Nuclear Agreement
5/24/18 Engel Floor Speech on North Korea
5/24/18 120 Members of Bipartisan Task Force Urge Sec. Pompeo to Fill Anti-Semitism Special Envoy Position
5/23/18 Engel Statement at Pompeo Hearing
5/23/18 Engel Floor Speech on Congressional Oversight of Military Force
5/23/18 Engel Floor Speech on Burma Sanctions Measure
5/22/18 Engel Statement on Wildlife Conservation
5/22/18 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
5/21/18 Engel Statement on Pompeo's Iran Speech
5/18/18 Top Judiciary and Foreign Affairs Dems Raise Concerns Over Trump's Policy Reversal, Demand Answers from Commerce
5/17/18 Engel Statement on Venezuela Election
5/17/18 Engel Burma Sanctions Bill Clears Foreign Affairs Committee
5/17/18 Engel Remarks on Burma Sanctions Bill & Other Measures
5/16/18 172 Members Push for Taiwan's Participation at World Health Assembly
5/14/18 Engel Statement on U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem
5/10/18 Engel on Trump Administration Withdrawal from the Iran Deal
5/9/18 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
5/9/18 Engel, Sires on Guatemala
5/8/18 Engel Remarks on Iran Nuclear Agreement
5/8/18 Engel Statement on Iran Deal Withdrawal

April 2018

Date Title
4/27/18 Engel Awarded "Excellence in Public Service" by B'nai B'rith International
4/26/18 Engel Statement on State Department Authorization
4/25/18 Torres, Engel, Nadler Question Trump Organization on Use of President’s Office to Advance Personal Interests
4/24/18 Engel Remarks on No Assistance for Assad Act
4/23/18 Engel Statement on Violence in Nicaragua
4/23/18 Engel, Royce Statement in Support of Argentina's OECD Bid
4/20/18 Engel Statement on Human Rights Report
4/19/18 Engel Statement on Israel's Independence Day
4/18/18 Engel Remarks on Syria
4/17/18 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
4/16/18 Engel Statement on Trump Decision to Override Russia Sanctions