Latest News

July 2016

Date Title
7/12/16 Statement from Foreign Affairs & Armed Services Democrats on South China Sea Decision
7/12/16 Engel Remarks on Threats to Human Rights in LGBT Communities
7/11/16 The United States Should Ratify the Law of the Sea Convention
7/9/16 Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of South Sudan's Independence
7/7/16 Engel Remarks on Guantanamo Prison Transfers
7/7/16 Engel Asks UN to Call on Venezuelan Government to Allow for Quick, Fair Recall Vote
7/7/16 Readout of Engel Meeting with Mexico's Ambassador
7/6/16 Engel Statement on North Korea Sanctions Designations
7/6/16 Engel Remarks on Challenges to Israeli-Palestinian Peace
7/6/16 Engel Op-Ed: Saddam Hussein's Legacy and American Leadership Today
7/5/16 Engel Floor Remarks on Foreign Aid Transparency
7/5/16 Engel Floor Remarks on Global Food Security
7/3/16 Engel Statement on Attack in Baghdad
7/2/16 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attack in Bangladesh

June 2016

Date Title
6/29/16 Engel Statement on Istanbul Terrorist Attack
6/28/16 Engel Statement on Benghazi Committee Report
6/26/16 Engel Statement on Troubling FATF Decision on Iran
6/24/16 Engel Statement on Brexit Vote
6/23/16 Engel Statement on Zika Conference Report
6/22/16 Engel Remarks on Reproductive and Maternal Health Needs of Women Refugees
6/22/16 Engel Remarks on Child Labor in the Cocoa Industry
6/21/16 Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel Introduce Legislation to Promote Internet Access in Developing Countries
6/16/16 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
6/15/16 Engel Remarks on U.S.-Caribbean Strategic Partnership
6/14/16 Engel Remarks on U.S. Policy Towards Putin's Russia
6/13/16 Engel Remarks on Legislation to Address Organ Trafficking
6/13/16 House Passes Engel Bill to Strengthen Caribbean Engagement
6/13/16 Engel Remarks on Resolution Condemning Organ Harvesting
6/13/16 Engel Remarks on U.S.-Caribbean Strategic Partnership
6/9/16 Engel Condemns Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack
6/9/16 Engel: GOP National Security Plan the Wrong Way for America
6/8/16 With Modi Visit, Engel & Crowley Offer Bill to Strengthen U.S.-India Relationship
6/8/16 Engel Remarks Welcoming Prime Minister Modi
6/6/16 Engel Statement on Murder of Honduran LGBT Rights Leader

May 2016

Date Title
5/31/16 Engel Statement on Conviction of Former Chadian President Hissène Habré
5/31/16 Engel Statement on Invoking of OAS Democratic Charter for Venezuela
5/26/16 Engel Remarks on State Department Authorization
5/25/16 Engel: State Inspector's Hit Job an Embarassment
5/25/16 Engel Remarks on Iran Nuclear Deal Oversight
5/25/16 Engel Welcomes Release of Khadija Ismayilova
5/21/16 Engel Remarks on US-Ghana Relations
5/19/16 Engel Statement on Zika Funding Bill
5/18/16 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
5/18/16 Engel Remarks on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act
5/17/16 Engel Marks International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
5/17/16 Engel Statement on Adjustment to US Sanctions Regime on Burma
5/16/16 Engel Floor Remarks on International Religious Freedom
5/16/16 Engel Floor Remarks on U.S.-Taiwan Relations
5/16/16 Engel Floor Remarks on the Starr-Camargo Bridge
5/13/16 Engel Statement on Political Transition and Risk of Instability in the DRC
5/12/16 Engel Remarks on Risks of Economic Engagement with Iran
5/12/16 Engel Commemorates 68 Years of Israel's Independence
5/9/16 President Signs Engel Bill to Stop ISIS From Looting Antiquities
5/5/16 Bipartisan Taskforce Observes Holocaust Remembrance Day
5/5/16 Engel Calls on International Community to Renew Fight Against All Forms of Hatred on Holocaust Remembrance Day

April 2016

Date Title
4/29/16 Engel, Kinzinger Offer Sweeping Legislation to Address Crisis in Ukraine
4/28/16 Engel Statement on Inviting Prime Minister Modi to Address Congress
4/28/16 Engel Q&A With Deputy Secretary of State Blinken on Asia
4/28/16 Engel Applauds Roberta Jacobson Confirmation as US Ambassador to Mexico
4/28/16 Engel Remarks on Opportunities and Challenges in Asia
4/27/16 Engel Remarks on South Sudan
4/27/16 Engel: Reckless Foreign-Policy Plans Endanger American Security
4/26/16 FACT SHEET: Deny ISIS Funding & Save Syria's Antiquities (HR 1493)
4/26/16 Engel Remarks on His Bill to Stop ISIS from Looting Antiquities
4/26/16 Engel Bill to Stop ISIS from Looting Antiquities Heads to the President
4/26/16 Engel Statement on North Korea Missile Test
4/25/16 Engel Statement on Murder of Xulhaz Mannan
4/25/16 Engel Statement on World Malaria Day
4/22/16 Engel Statement on Earth Day and Signing of the Paris Climate Agreement
4/22/16 Engel Applauds DHS Decision In Favor Of Malachy McAllister
4/21/16 Ros-Lehtinen & Engel Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Honoring Russian Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov & Calling for Investigation Into His Murder
4/20/16 Engel Statement on Supreme Court Ruling That Iran Must Pay Terror Victims
4/20/16 Bipartisan Taskforce Raises Campus Anti-Semitism Concerns with New Education Secretary
4/20/16 Engel Welcomes Azerbaijan's Release of Human Rights Activists
4/20/16 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
4/20/16 Bipartisan Taskforce Raises Campus Anti-Semitism Concerns with New Education Secretary
4/20/16 Engel Bill to Enhance Caribbean Ties Clears Committee
4/19/16 Royce, Engel, Holding, Bera Request Joint Meeting of Congress with India's Prime Minister
4/19/16 Engel Statement on Taliban Attack in Afghanistan
4/18/16 Engel Statement on Jerusalem Bus Bombing
4/14/16 Senate Passes Engel Bill to Curb ISIS Antiquities Looting
4/14/16 Engel Statement on Chibok Kidnapping and Humanitarian Crisis in Northeastern Nigeria
4/14/16 Engel & Ros-Lehtinen Introduce U.S.-Caribbean Strategic Engagement Legislation
4/12/16 Engel Floor Remarks on Global Food Security
4/7/16 Engel Congratulates Kosova's New President

March 2016

Date Title
3/31/16 Engel Statement on U.S.-China Efforts to Address Climate Change
3/27/16 Engel Statement on Attack in Lahore, Pakistan
3/25/16 Engel Statement On New Iran Sanctions
3/24/16 Engel Statement on World Tuberculosis Day
3/24/16 Engel Statement on Indictment Against Iranian Hackers
3/23/16 Engel Remarks on Closing Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility
3/23/16 Engel Statement on President Obama's Visit to Argentina
3/23/16 Engel Floor Remarks on Brussels Attacks
3/22/16 Engel Statement on Belgium Attacks
3/19/16 Royce, Engel: Iran Must be Held Accountable
3/17/16 Engel Statement on Genocide Determination
3/17/16 Engel Statement on Prisoner Pardons in Azerbaijan
3/16/16 Engel Remarks on Organ Harvesting in China
3/16/16 Engel Remarks on Guantanamo Bay
3/16/16 Engel, Lowey Urge U.S. Action in Response to Murder of Honduras Indigenous Leader Berta Cáceres