Latest News

June 2017

Date Title
6/16/17 Engel Statement on Cuba Policy Changes
6/14/17 Engel Statement at State Dept. Budget Hearing with Secretary of State Tillerson
6/7/17 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attack in Iran
6/3/17 Engel Statement on Attacks in London
6/2/17 Engel Slams Serbia's Refusing Entry to Former Kosovo President
6/2/17 Engel to President Trump: Condemn Goldman Sachs Purchase of Venezuelan Bonds
6/1/17 Engel Statement on Trump's Plans to Return Properties to Russia

May 2017

Date Title
5/31/17 Engel Statement on Kabul Attack
5/26/17 Engel Statement on Trump's NATO Speech
5/25/17 Engel Remarks at Committee Markup
5/25/17 Engel, Ros-Lehtinen Introduce Bipartisan Legislation Supporting Venezuelan People
5/24/17 Engel's Mexico Resolution Passes Western Hemisphere Subcommittee
5/23/17 Engel Statement on Proposed Saudi Arms Deal
5/23/17 Engel Statement on Trump's International Affairs Budget
5/23/17 Ros-Lehtinen, Engel, Issa, Cicilline, Royce, and Smith Introduce Bipartisan Resolution on Violence in Chechnya
5/22/17 Engel Statement on Attack in Manchester
5/22/17 Engel Urges Secretary Tillerson to Prioritize Human Rights in Vietnam Dialogue
5/19/17 Engel Floor Remarks on Updating the 2001 AUMF
5/19/17 Engel & McCaul Introduce Resolution Recognizing Importance of US-Mexico Relationship
5/18/17 Bipartisan Taskforce European Anti-Semitism Bill Passes House
5/18/17 Engel Remarks on U.S. Interests in Africa
5/17/17 Engel Syria Sanctions Bill Passes House
5/17/17 Engel Remarks on Threats to Peace and Stability in the Balkans
5/17/17 Engel Floor Remarks on Central American Corruption
5/17/17 Engel Statement on Special Counsel Appointment
5/17/17 Engel Floor Remarks on Combating European Anti-Semitism
5/16/17 Engel Statement on Comey Memo
5/16/17 Engel Statement on Comey Memo
5/16/17 Engel Statement on Reported Disclosure of Israeli Intelligence
5/15/17 Engel Statement on Trump's Reported Disclosure of Classified Material to Russians
5/11/17 Engel: Rosenstein Should Appoint Special Prosecutor & Recuse Himself
5/10/17 Engel Statement on Trump & Tillerson Russia Meetings
5/9/17 Engel Statement on Comey Firing & Trump-Russia Scandal
5/9/17 Engel Statement on South Korea's Presidential Election
5/8/17 Engel Blasts State Department for "Editing Out" Israel
5/8/17 HFAC Democrats to Trump: Stop Endangering American Diplomats
5/3/17 Engel Syria Sanctions Bill Approved by Foreign Affairs Committee
5/2/17 55 House Members to Trump: Fire Gorka
5/2/17 Engel Floor Remarks on North Korea Sanctions
5/1/17 Engel Statement on Trump's Invitation of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to Washington

April 2017

Date Title
4/27/17 Engel Statement on Continuing Crisis in Burundi
4/27/17 Engel Statement on French Court's Release of Former Kosovo Prime Minister
4/27/17 Engel Remarks on Syria Policy
4/25/17 HFAC Democrats: Trump's International Affairs Budget Puts American Security & Leadership At Risk
4/24/17 Engel Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day
4/21/17 Engel Statement on Russia's Ban on Jehovah's Witnesses
4/20/17 Engel Statement on Exxon Mobil Sanctions Waiver Request
4/19/17 Engel Statement on Trump's "Armada" to North Korea
4/19/17 Engel Statement on Reported Human Rights Abuses in Chechnya
4/13/17 Engel Statement on Russia's Involvement in Syria
4/12/17 Engel Statement on White House's Recent Holocaust Comments
4/7/17 Ros-Lehtinen, Engel, Yoho, and Sherman Introduce North Korea Human Rights Reauthorization Act
4/6/17 Engel Remarks on Syria Chemical Weapons Attack & Sanctions Bill
4/6/17 Engel Statement on Missile Strike in Syria
4/5/17 Engel Floor Remarks on Foreign Aid Budget Cuts
4/5/17 Engel Remarks on New Russia Legislation
4/5/17 Engel Statement on Removal of Stephen K. Bannon from National Security Council Principals Committee
4/5/17 Swalwell and Engel Offer Resolution Urging Trump Administration to Hold on Any Russia Policy Changes
4/5/17 Engel Introduces Biparitsan Bill to Elevate Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism
4/4/17 Connolly- Engel - Cicilline Call for Speaker Ryan to Demand Nunes Be Recused
4/4/17 Engel Statement on Trump Cuts to UN Population Fund
4/4/17 Engel Statement on Attack in Idlib, Syria
4/3/17 Engel Introduces Bipartisan Resolution on the Drought and Risk of Famine in East Africa

March 2017

Date Title
3/31/17 Engel Statement on Trump Administration's Syria Policy
3/30/17 Engel Statement on Venezuelan Supreme Court's Announcement That it Will Assume Constitutional Powers of National Assembly
3/30/17 Readout of Engel Meeting with Mexico's Ambassador
3/29/17 Engel Statement on the Abduction & Murder of American UN Investigator in DRC
3/29/17 Engel Statement on Senate Vote on Montenegro's Accession to NATO
3/29/17 Engel Statement at Committee Markup
3/28/17 Engel Remarks on East Africa's Famine
3/28/17 Engel Remarks on Administration's Planned Draconian Cuts to International Affairs Budget
3/27/17 Engel Statement on Protests in Russia
3/23/17 Engel Remarks on Efforts to Fight Tuberculosis
3/22/17 Engel Remarks on U.S. Policy Toward Kosovo
3/22/17 Engel Honored for his Leadership on U.S.-Caribbean Relations
3/22/17 Royce, Engel & 105 House Colleagues Urge India to Allow U.S.-Based Charity to Continue Serving Impoverished
3/22/17 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attack in London
3/22/17 Engel Reintroduces Syria Sanctions Bill
3/21/17 Engel Remarks on Sixth Anniversary of Syrian Civil War
3/20/17 Engel Statement on Sec. Tillerson's Decision to Skip NATO Meeting, Travel to Russia
3/20/17 Engel Statement on Intelligence Committee Hearing
3/16/17 Engel Condemns White House's Draconian Cuts to American Diplomacy and Leadership
3/16/17 Engel Remarks at Budget Press Conferece
3/16/17 HFAC Democrats to Speaker Ryan: Reject Cuts to American Diplomacy & Leadership
3/16/17 Foreign Affairs Democrats: White House Budget Threatens American Security and Undermines American Leadership
3/15/17 MEDIA ADVISORY: HFAC Members to Discuss White House's Draconian Cuts to US Diplomacy
3/13/17 Engel, Smith, Lowey, Ros-Lehtinen, Deutch, Veasey, & 161 Additional Members Urge Appointment of Special Envoy to Monitor Anti-Semitism
3/9/17 #FollowTheFacts: Foreign Affairs Democrats Push for an Independent Commission to Investigate Russian Interference
3/9/17 Engel Remarks on Russian Interference in Our Election
3/7/17 Engel Statement on North Korean Missile Test
3/6/17 Engel Statement on New Muslim & Refugee Ban
3/2/17 Engel: Sessions Must Resign
3/1/17 Engel Statement on Attorney General Sessions's Contact with Russian Officials
3/1/17 UPDATE: 104 House Members to Tillerson: Resist Trump’s International Affairs Budget Cuts

February 2017

Date Title
2/28/17 Engel Statement on International Affairs Budget Cuts
2/27/17 Members Relaunch the Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism
2/23/17 Engel Statement on the Passing of Congressman Eni Faleomavaega
2/20/17 Engel Statement on the Declaration of Famine in Parts of South Sudan
2/16/17 Engel Opening Remarks at Iran Hearing
2/16/17 Congressional Leaders Seek Release of American Pastor Unjustly Detained in Turkey