Latest News

February 2016

Date Title
2/25/16 Engel Remarks at Secretary Kerry Foreign Affairs Budget Hearing
2/24/16 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
2/21/16 Engel Statement on Elections in Central African Republic
2/19/16 Engel Statement on Elections in Uganda
2/19/16 Engel Statement on Attacks on POC Camp in Malakal, South Sudan
2/12/16 Engel Floor Remarks on North Korea Sanctions
2/12/16 Engel Statement on Syria Cease-Fire
2/11/16 Engel Remarks on Iran Nuclear Deal Oversight
2/10/16 Engel Remarks on the Evolving Threat of ISIS
2/10/16 Engel Urges the President to Curb Firearms Trafficking to Mexico
2/9/16 Engel Statement on President Obama's FY2017 International Affairs Budget
2/8/16 Engel Statement on President's Zika Virus Funding Request
2/7/16 Engel Statement on North Korea Rocket Test
2/6/16 Engel Statement on Twitter Suspending 125,000 Terrorist Accounts
2/5/16 Engel Statement on President Obama's Commitment on New Assistance to Colombia
2/4/16 Engel Statement on State Department Letter Regarding Personal Email Use by Secretary Powell and Secretary Rice's Staff
2/3/16 Engel Statement on 15th Anniversary of Plan Colombia
2/2/16 Engel Statement on NATO Funding
2/1/16 Engel Applauds Passage of Electrify Africa Act

January 2016

Date Title
1/28/16 Engel Statement on Zika Virus
1/28/16 Engel Bill to Halt ISIS Antiquities Looting Advances in Senate
1/25/16 Engel Statement on South Sudan's Failure to Form Transitional Government
1/21/16 Engel Statement on Alexander Litvinenko Murder Investigation
1/20/16 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attack at Pakistani School
1/17/16 Engel Statement on New Missile Sanctions on Iran
1/16/16 Engel on Taiwan Elections
1/16/16 Engel Statement on Iran Developments
1/14/16 Engel Statement on End of West African Ebola Outbreak
1/13/16 Engel Opposes Latest Iran Bill on House Floor
1/11/16 Engel Testimony Opposing Latest Iran Bill Before House Rules Committee
1/11/16 Engel Remarks on North Korea Sanctions Enforcement
1/11/16 Engel Testimony Opposing Latest Iran Bill Before House Rules Committee
1/11/16 Engel Welcomes New Report on Firearms Trafficking to Mexico
1/10/16 Engel Statement on Extradition of Chapo Guzman
1/7/16 Engel Remarks on Counterterrorism Screening
1/7/16 Engel Remarks Opposing Partisan Iran Bill
1/7/16 Engel Remarks on Neglected Tropical Diseases
1/6/16 Engel Statement on Chairman Royce's AUMF Listening Sessions
1/6/16 Engel Statement on Burundi Peace Talks
1/6/16 Engel Statement on North Korea Nuclear Test

December 2015

Date Title
12/22/15 Engel Statement on Tuberculosis Action Plan
12/18/15 Engel Statement on Funding for Central America in Omnibus Spending Bill
12/17/15 Engel to Treasury: Address Antiquities Looting at UNSC
12/17/15 Lowey, Roskam, Engel, and Royce Introduce Resolution Denouncing European Commission Labeling Guidelines on Israeli Products from the West Bank
12/16/15 Engel Applauds MCC Compact for Kosovo
12/16/15 Engel Floor Remarks on Hezbollah Sanctions
12/16/15 Engel Statement on Arms Sale to Taiwan
12/16/15 Engel Remarks on U.S.-Pakistan Relations
12/15/15 Engel Floor Remarks on Press Freedom in the Americas
12/15/15 Engel Floor Remarks on Terrorist Use of Social Media
12/12/15 Engel Statement on Climate Agreement
12/11/15 Engel Condemns Senate Block on Ambassador to Mexico
12/9/15 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
12/9/15 Engel Statement on Donald Trump Comments
12/8/15 Engel Remarks on Efforts to Fight Tuberculosis
12/8/15 Engel Floor Remarks on Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability
12/7/15 Royce, Engel Statement on Venezuela Elections
12/6/15 Engel Statement on President Obama's Address
12/4/15 Engel Statement on World Wildlife Conservation Day
12/2/15 Engel Remarks on Iran's Role in Destabilizing the Middle East
12/2/15 Engel Statement on IAEA Report
12/1/15 Engel Statement on Burkina Faso Elections
12/1/15 Engel on the Confirmation of Gayle Smith as USAID Administrator
12/1/15 Engel Marks World AIDS Day and Calls for Renewed Commitment to Combat HIV/AIDS

November 2015

Date Title
11/24/15 Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel Congratulate President-Elect Macri and Urge Obama Administration to Prioritize U.S.–Argentina Relations
11/21/15 Engel Marks 20th Anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords
11/20/15 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attack in Mali
11/20/15 Engel Welcomes Plan to Fight Tuberculosis
11/18/15 Engel Remarks on Jewish History in Israel
11/18/15 Engel Remarks on Syrian Refugees and Foreign Fighters
11/18/15 Dear Colleague: Business Leaders Support Action on Climate Change - Accenture CEO Report
11/17/15 Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel Applaud House Passage of Resolution Condemning Terrorist Attacks in Paris
11/17/15 Engel Remarks on Women and Technology
11/17/15 Engel Floor Remarks on the Paris Terrorist Attacks
11/13/15 Engel Statement on Burma's Election Results
11/13/15 Engel Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Paris
11/12/15 Engel Statement on OAS Efforts to Ensure Free and Fair Legislative Elections in Venezuela
11/12/15 Dear Colleague: Fighting Climate Change is Everyone's Business - U.S. Banks
11/9/15 Engel Marks the 77th Anniversary of Kristallnacht
11/8/15 Engel Statement on the First Meeting Between Presidents of Taiwan and China
11/8/15 Engel Statement on Burma Elections
11/6/15 Transcript: Bosnia's Path Forward, Twenty Years After Dayton
11/6/15 Engel Raises Concern About Upcoming Elections in Burma
11/5/15 369 House Members Urge End of Palestinian Authority Incitement
11/5/15 Engel Remarks at Full Committee Markup
11/5/15 Engel Welcomes New Access to Suspected Burial Sites in Cyprus
11/4/15 Engel Statement on Syria Policy
11/4/15 Engel Remarks on Energy Poverty in Africa
11/4/15 Engel Remarks on Energy Poverty in Africa
11/2/15 Engel Remarks on the Global Anti-Poaching Act
11/2/15 Engel Calls for Taiwan's Inclusion in INTERPOL (H.R. 1853)
11/2/15 Engel Remarks on Palestinian Incitement
11/2/15 Engel Remarks on Anti-Semitism in Europe

October 2015

Date Title
10/30/15 Engel Statement on Deployment of Special Operations Forces to Syria
10/30/15 Engel Condemns Attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq
10/29/15 Engel Statement on Côte d'Ivoire Elections
10/28/15 FACT SHEET: Deny ISIS Funding & Save Syria's Antiquities (H.R.1493/S.1887)
10/28/15 Engel Calls for Senate Action on Cultural Preservation Bill
10/27/15 Engel Remarks on the Illicit Ivory Trade
10/27/15 Engel Statement on U.S. Navy Exercises in the South China Sea