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September 2010

Date Title
9/1/10 Berman offers Israelis, Palestinians strong support in direct peace talks

August 2010

Date Title
8/21/10 Berman Statement on Announcement of Direct Peace Talks
8/9/10 Berman Places Hold on US Military Assistance to Lebanon
8/3/10 Berman, Ros-Lehtinen Announce Launch of Bipartisan Working Group on Iran Sanctions Implementation

July 2010

Date Title
7/28/10 Chairman Berman’s opening statement at hearing, “Turkey’s New Foreign Policy Direction: Implications for U.S.-Turkish Relations”
7/19/10 Berman applauds UN vote on International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
7/15/10 Berman hails Congo Conflict Minerals title of Wall Street reform legislation
7/12/10 Berman condemns bombings in Uganda on final day of World Cup
7/2/10 Berman condemns attack on USAID workers in Afghanistan
7/1/10 Chairman Berman praises President Obama’s signing of Iran Sanctions

June 2010

Date Title
6/30/10 Cuba travel ban has not worked to help the Cuban people, Berman says
6/24/10 Conference agreement on H.R. 2194, the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act
6/24/10 Berman Statement on Passage of Conference Agreement on Iran Sanctions bill
6/21/10 Dodd, Berman Statement on Iran Sanctions Conference Report Agreement
6/16/10 Chairman Berman endorses Treasury Department’s designation of Iranian groups and individuals
6/9/10 Berman applauds passage of UN Security Council resolution on Iran, calls on other nations to impose tougher sanctions

May 2010

Date Title
5/25/10 Berman Condemns North Korea for ship sinking
5/25/10 Dodd, Berman Announce Timing on Iran Sanctions Conference Report
5/21/10 Berman Deeply Troubled by Harsh Prison Sentence for Gay Couple in Malawi
5/20/10 Berman applauds passage of the US-Israel Rocket and Missile Defense Cooperation and Support Act
5/11/10 Chairman Berman responds to Administration’s U.S.-Russia nuclear proposal
5/11/10 Berman applauds Israel and PLO proximity talks
5/7/10 Berman Extends Condolences to Nigeria on the Death of President Amaru Yar’ Adua

April 2010

Date Title
4/26/10 Chairman Berman expresses his dismay with Senate budget resolution, argues cuts weaken national security
4/22/10 Now is the time to implement crippling sanctions on Iran, Berman says
4/20/10 Berman statement on speech by Defense Secretary Gates regarding President Obama’s Export Control Policy Review
4/15/10 Berman Letter Condemning Armenian Genocide Denial
4/12/10 Statement by Chairman Berman on the death of President Lech Kaczynski of Poland
4/8/10 U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Treaty Makes the World Safer and Sets an Important Example, Berman Says

March 2010

Date Title
3/26/10 U.S.-Russia Nuclear Arms Control Agreement Sets an Important Example for Other Nations, Berman Says
3/20/10 Iran's Nuclear Clock
3/17/10 Latest news coverage of the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act (H.R. 2194)
3/16/10 Berman on Recent Events in U.S.-Israeli Relations: Let’s Put the Situation in Perspective
3/10/10 Chairman Berman’s statement in opposition to H. Con. Res. 248, the War Powers resolution
3/10/10 Berman Introduces Legislation to Boost U.S. Science Diplomacy
3/4/10 House Foreign Affairs Committee Howard L. Berman (D-CA), chairman
3/3/10 Effective Foreign Assistance Can Help Make the World Better and Safer, Berman Says at Hearing with New USAID Administrator

February 2010

Date Title
2/24/10 U.S., Russian Legislators Discuss Arms Control, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Humanitarian Issues, Energy and Trade
2/12/10 Statement by Chairman Berman on the Anniversary of the Assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri
2/10/10 Berman Urges Burmese Junta to Release Imprisoned American, Calls on U.S. Administration to Appoint Envoy and Consider More Sanctions
2/8/10 Hearing Postponed: The Google Predicament: Transforming U.S. Cyberspace Policy to Advance Democracy, Security, and Trade
2/7/10 Tehran’s Uranium Enrichment Announcement Underscores Need for U.N. Action on Strong Sanctions, Berman Says
2/5/10 Chairman Berman Announces Intention to Mark Up Armenian Genocide Resolution on March 4
2/3/10 Ugandan Anti-Gay Legislation Threatens Human Rights, Reverses Gains in HIV/AIDS Fight, Berman Says
2/1/10 Budget for International Affairs is an Essential Ounce of Prevention, Berman Says

January 2010

Date Title
1/26/10 Venezuelan Government’s Media Censorship Damages Venezuela’s Standing and Hurts Its People, Berman Says
1/24/10 Remarks to Americans for Peace Now
1/15/10 Global Internet Freedom -- Including Google’s Announced Actions Involving China -- Under Consideration by the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Berman Notes
1/15/10 The Foreign Affairs Committee held a field hearing in Northern California to consider the confluence of national security and U.S. leadership in science and diplomacy as affected by our country’s aging export control regime.
1/15/10 Chairman Berman’s op-ed on export controls and national security was published in The San Jose Mercury News on the morning of a Committee hearing on the subject.
1/14/10 Berman, Ros-Lehtinen Condemn Iran’s Arrest of Cleric
1/13/10 Fast, Flexible Resources Needed to Respond to Haiti Quake and Other Catastrophes, Berman Says

December 2009

Date Title
12/30/09 The committee will hold a field hearing on export control issues involving national security and U.S. leadership in science and technology on January 15.
12/29/09 Berman, Ros-Lehtinen Decry Thailand’s Repatriation of Thousands of Hmong to Laos and Call for Guarantees of Their Protection
12/15/09 Berman Urges House Support of Sanctions Legislation to Prevent Iran from Achieving Nuclear Weapons Capability
12/9/09 Berman Letter to President, Signed by 189 Members of Congress, Urges Support for International Affairs in FY 2011 Budget
12/2/09 With Wexler Leaving, Berman Announces New Subcommittee Chairmanships for Delahunt and Carnahan
12/2/09 Chairman Berman’s opening remarks at hearing, “U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan”

November 2009

Date Title
11/30/09 Commemorating World AIDS Day, Berman Urges More Global Efforts to Protect Poor Women from HIV/AIDS
11/25/09 ADVISORY
11/19/09 Chairman Berman’s opening statement at hearing, “Is it Time to Lift the Ban on Travel to Cuba?”
11/19/09 Renowned Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez wrote an essay for the committee’s hearing on the travel ban.
11/17/09 U.S. law lets American citizens travel to any country on earth, friend or foe -- with one exception: Cuba. It's time for us to scrap this anachronistic ban, imposed during one of the chilliest periods of the Cold War.
11/3/09 Berman Praises Administration for Lifting the HIV/AIDS Travel Ban

October 2009

Date Title
10/28/09 Chairman Berman’s opening remarks at markup of the Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act (H.R. 2194)
10/21/09 Chairman Berman’s opening remarks at hearing, “U.S. Policy Toward Burma”
10/15/09 Chairman Berman’s opening remarks at hearing, “Afghanistan Policy at the Crossroads”
10/15/09 House Foreign Affairs Committee to Mark Up Iran Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act
10/9/09 Nobel Prize Validates Obama’s Approach to International Challenges, Berman Says
10/8/09 Guinea’s Military Leaders, Tarnished by Violence, Should Allow for Free and Fair Elections, Berman Says
10/6/09 Kenyan Leaders Should Keep Their Commitments on Political Reforms, Berman Says

September 2009

Date Title
9/30/09 House Passes Bicameral Legislation Increasing Assistance to Pakistan, Improving U.S.-Pakistan Ties
9/30/09 Berman Sends Condolences in the Wake of Disastrous Tsunami
9/26/09 Diplomatic options to stopping Iran from having nuclear weapons are dwindling.
9/25/09 Berman Endorses Nomination of New Special Envoy on North Korean Human Rights Issues, a Former Foreign Affairs Committee Staff Director
9/25/09 Berman Calls Iran Nuclear Plant News Disturbing, Says It Reinforces His Determination to Have Committee Consider Sanctions Legislation
9/25/09 Nominee to New, High-Level Position to Protect Intellectual Property Rights Will Do a First-Rate Job, Berman Says
9/24/09 Berman Introduces House Version of Bicameral Legislation Increasing Assistance to Pakistan, Improving U.S.-Pakistan Ties
9/24/09 Berman Says Palin’s Comment on U.S.-China Relations is Flat Wrong
9/10/09 Chairman Berman today delivered remarks on U.S.-Iran policy and pending legislation.
9/10/09 Chairman Berman’s opening statement at hearing, “Outlook for Iraq and U.S. Policy
9/3/09 Honduras: Make it official -- it's a coup

August 2009

Date Title
8/21/09 Berman Delegation Affirms U.S.-Taiwan Partnership, Discusses Regional Issues with Leadership
8/20/09 Berman Delegation Discusses Iran Nuclear Proliferation, North Korea Issues, Copyright Piracy with Chinese Officials
8/15/09 Release of Terrorist Al-Megrahi Would be a Travesty and Would Show Contempt for Pan Am 103 Victims, Berman Says
8/13/09 New Export Control Review Will Help Improve U.S. Security, Berman Says
8/7/09 Georgia's Unmet Promise

July 2009

Date Title
7/29/09 Chairman Berman's opening remarks at hearing, “New Challenges for International Peacekeeping Operations”
7/28/09 Iraq Must Stop the Fighting in Ashraf and Ensure Residents’ Security, Berman and Ros-Lehtinen Say
7/22/09 Chairman Berman’s opening remarks at hearing, “Iran: Recent Developments and Implications for U.S. Policy”
7/14/09 Berman Calls on Abbas to Accept Netanyahu Proposal for Unconditional Peace Talks
7/14/09 Berman Introduces Resolution Approving U.S.-UAE Civilian Nuclear Cooperation
7/10/09 Berman Welcomes State Department Plan for Strategic Planning of Diplomacy and Development

June 2009

Date Title
6/25/09 Berman Hails the Nomination of the New U.S. Ambassador to UNESCO, a Foreign Affairs Committee Staff Member
6/19/09 Chairman Berman’s remarks on H. Res. 560, expressing support for all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties and rule of law
6/16/09 Berman Supports Free Expression in Iran, Notes the World Is Watching Events There Closely
6/11/09 House Passes Two-Year Authorization Bill Bolstering U.S. Diplomacy, Development Efforts
6/11/09 House Approves Legislation Increasing Assistance to Pakistan, Improving U.S.-Pakistan Ties
6/5/09 Berman Says Lebanon’s Upcoming Elections Prove the Resiliency of its Democratic Culture

May 2009

Date Title
5/20/09 Committee Approves Two-Year Authorization Bill Bolstering U.S. Diplomacy, Development Efforts