Chairman Poe on the hearing: “In recent years, terrorist organizations have focused much attention on women: both as targets of their murderous attacks as well as a potential demographic for recruitment. But counterterrorism efforts across the world have not given enough thought to the idea that women can also represent an untapped resource in the fight against extremism and radicalization. Women are uniquely placed to effectively challenge extremist narratives in homes, schools, and societies the world over; they wield tremendous influence on those most vulnerable to terrorist recruitment: youth. This hearing will allow Members to examine the role of women as perpetrators and victims of terrorism as well as under-utilized resources in the ideological fight against terrorism.”

Opening Statements


Valerie M. Hudson, Ph.D.
Professor and George H.W. Bush Chair
The Bush School of Government and Public Service
Texas A&M University
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Mr. Haras Rafiq
Chief Executive Officer
Quilliam International
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Ms. Farhat Popal
Women’s Initiative
George W. Bush Institute
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Ms. Jamille Bigio
Senior Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy
Council on Foreign Relations
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Hearing transcript (PDF)