Will Not Settle For a Bad Nuclear Deal With Iran

President Biden must make clear that U.S. policy is a nuclear Iran is not acceptable. Now is not the time to negotiate any deal with this brutal regime, and all sanctions must be fully enforced – no sanctions relief. The committee will work to ensure Iran’s full compliance with IAEA investigation into undeclared nuclear sites.

Combat Threat of Iran Drones and Missiles

Iranian drones are fueling conflicts around the world, including attacks on U.S. servicemembers in the Middle East, Russia’s illegal war of aggression against Ukraine, and the conflict in Ethiopia.

Urge Biden Administration to Combat Iran’s Weapons Proliferation

The administration must prioritize renewal of the UN missile ban on Iran, which expires in October. We will also push them to cut off Iran’s ability to transfer its lethal drones and missiles. The administration must also restrict regime’s finances through robust primary and secondary sanctions enforcement.

Protect Americans

The committee will urge the administration to take significant action to deter Iranian assassination plots against Americans and Iran-backed proxy attacks on U.S. forces in the Middle East. Iran must immediately release American citizens being held hostage in Iran, and the administration must prioritize freeing these hostages as soon as possible.

Support the Iranian People

Iran has been rocked by nationwide protests over rights of women since September 2022. The regime is using violence, including executions, to silence and intimidate its citizens. The United States and the international community must support the Iranian people, including by ensuring Iranians have access to the internet.