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Chairman Yoho on the hearing: “The United States and Taiwan share a unique and close bond which is experiencing a period of uncertainty. Both polities have recently completed momentous Presidential elections with significant implications for international affairs, while the security environment of East Asia has been unsettled by North Korean belligerence and China’s rising assertiveness. The new U.S. administration has inadvertently added to the confusion with mixed messages in the complex area of Taiwan policy. In uncertain times like these, assurances of U.S. resolve are especially important to our Taiwanese counterparts.  In this hearing, the Subcommittee will discuss with an expert panel the status of U.S.-Taiwan relations and policy options for strengthening our ties.”

Opening Statements

Opening statement of Rep. Ted Yoho, Chairman, Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific

Opening statement of Rep. Royce, Chairman, Committee on Foreign Affairs


Mr. Rupert J. Hammond-Chambers
U.S.-Taiwan Business Council
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Mr. Dan Blumenthal
Director of Asian Studies and Resident Fellow
American Enterprise Institute
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Mr. Russell Hsiao
Executive Director
Global Taiwan Institute
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