Chairman Yoho on the hearing: “North Korea’s belligerent behavior and retention of their illicit weapons program continues to undermine peace and security throughout East Asia. Missile tests conducted just a few weeks ago prove that North Korea remains determined to obtain an ICBM, posing a significant threat to U.S. personnel, our allies, and the U.S. homeland. This hearing will give members the opportunity to explore additional ways the United States can address an increasingly belligerent North Korea.”

Opening Statements

Full text of Chairman Ted Yoho's opening statement


Mr. Bruce Klingner
Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia
The Heritage Foundation
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Sung-Yoon Lee, Ph.D.
Kim Koo-Korea Foundation Professor in Korean Studies and Assistant Professor
The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
Tufts University
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Mr. Anthony Ruggiero
Senior Fellow
Foundation for Defense of Democracies
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Hearing transcript (PDF)