Chairman Smith on the hearing: “In order to prevent the long simmering anglophone conflict from destabilizing a critical U.S security partner in the region, U.S. policy makers must understand the legitimacy of grievances and the social, constitutional and historical context of the present discontent in The Republic of Cameroon. A way forward includes a credible election process in the short term, but in the long run requires constitutional reform which reconstitutes the relationship among the Cameroonian peoples along just principles and the consent of the governed.”


Panel I

The Honorable Donald Y. Yamamoto
Acting Assistant Secretary
Bureau of African Affairs
U.S. Department of State
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Panel II

Mr. Hans De Marie Heungoup
Senior Analyst
Central Africa
International Crisis Group
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Mr. Efi Tembon
Executive Director
Cameroonian Association for Bible Translation and Literacy
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Mr. Adotei Akwei
Deputy Director
Advocacy and Government Relations
Amnesty International United States
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Hearing transcript (PDF)