Opening Statements

Chairman Poe’s Opening Statement:

Chairman Ros-Lehtinen’s Opening Statement:

Chairman Poe Questions Witnesses:


Mr. Mike Waltz
Senior National Security Fellow
New America Foundation
(Commanded a Special Forces’ Company in Eastern Afghanistan in 2009)
[full text of statement]
[truth in testimony form]

Spc. Cody Full, USA, Retired
(Served with Sgt. Bergdahl in Blackfoot Company, Second Platoon)
[full text of statement]
[truth in testimony form]

Mr. Andy Andrews
Father of deceased Second Lieutenant, USA, Darryn Andrews
[full text of statement]
[truth in testimony form]

Mark Jacobson, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor
Truman National Security Project
[full text of statement]
[truth in testimony form]

Hearing transcript (PDF)


**Important planning note/RSVP requirement for press covering hearing**

The hearing will be webcast at

The hearing room will likely not be able to accommodate all members of the media wishing to cover the hearing from the press viewing area.

Only Congressionally credentialed members of the media will be allowed access to the press viewing area in the committee hearing room and must RSVP to their respective Press Gallery by 5pm on Tuesday, June 17.

All television crews must RSVP to the House Radio TV Gallery at 202-225-5214.

Gallery contact information:

House Radio/TV Gallery:  202-225-5214
House Periodical Gallery:  202-225-2941
House Daily Press Gallery:  202-225-3945
Photographer Gallery:  202-224-6548