Chairman Royce on the hearing: “There has been increasing bipartisan concern over the size and role of the President’s National Security Council staff.  In too many cases, its role of ‘honest broker’ has been lost to policy making – and even secret diplomatic negotiations – all out of view of Congress. This hearing is an opportunity to hear from witnesses who have direct experience with the growth of the NSC firsthand.”

Opening Statements

Full text of Chairman Ed Royce’s opening statement


The Honorable David C. Miller, Jr.
Non-Resident Senior Fellow
The Atlantic Council
(Former Special Assistant to the President, National Security Council)
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[truth in testimony form]

The Honorable Lincoln P. Bloomfield, Jr.
Chairman of the Board
The Stimson Center
(Former Assistant Secretary for Political Military Affairs, U.S. Department of State)
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The Honorable Derek Chollet
Counselor and Senior Advisor for Security and Defense Policy
The German Marshall Fund of the United States
(Former Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense)
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Hearing transcript (PDF)