Chairman Poe on the hearing: “For decades, Iran has sponsored terrorist groups with American blood on their hands and menaced the world with its dangerous proliferation activities. The nuclear deal reached in the summer of 2015 provided this rogue regime with an immediate access to hundreds of billions of dollars, the promise of even more money yet to come as the result of sanctions relief, and the satisfaction of negotiating a deal with major world powers that wholly ignores its dangerous behavior outside of its nuclear program. It is no surprise that since the announcement of the deal, the mullahs in Tehran have only increased their malign activity, sending more money to Hamas and Hezbollah and continuing to develop their ballistic missile capabilities. This hearing will allow Members to learn more about Iran’s increased dangerous behavior as the result of the deal and to explore new policy options that can deter Iran from continuing to threaten the free world.”

Opening Statements


Mr. Ilan Berman
Senior Vice President
American Foreign Policy Council
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Ray Takeyh, Ph.D.
Hasib J. Sabbagh Senior Fellow for Middle East Studies
Council on Foreign Relations
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Daniel L. Byman, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow
Center for Middle East Policy
Brookings Institution
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Hearing transcript (PDF)