Last night on “Fox News @ Night” with Shannon Bream, Chairman Royce discussed the president’s trip to Asia and the need for hard diplomacy with Beijing to address urgent threats posed by North Korea’s nuclear program. Below are the video and a few key excerpts.

“China has helped us in some ways but have not thrown themselves into this with the enthusiasm necessary to cut off and isolate North Korea… And the importance of [the president’s] trip at this moment is that we have to have [China’s] full compliance. Now I passed legislation mandating this. If we’re going to open our markets, as we have to Chinese goods, they have to freeze the accounts with North Korea… That’s the kind of hard diplomacy we’ve got to do now… Now is the time to cut off the ability for [North Korea] to have the billions of additional dollars they need to build out their program, to miniaturize the weapon, to put it on their ICBMs. This is our last opportunity.”