Shortly before convening a hearing about the future of the U.S.’s Iran policy, Chairman Ed Royce appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss Iranian Gen. Qasem Soleimani’s recent travel to Moscow in violation of U.N. sanctions.  Video and key excerpts are below.

Iran’s actions continue to pose serious threats to the U.S.:

“General Soleimani… is responsible for the death of nearly 500 Americans as a consequence of him heading up the Quds Forces… this is the organization that’s responsible for assassinations outside Iran.  He was just caught in Moscow violating the existing sanctions that we have on his travel… [W]e now see that not only are they developing…ballistic missiles, but they’re in consultation [with Russia] obviously for additional weapons of war.”

The previous administration’s Iran policy was one of backing down:

“And that is what has to change… [W]e’ve lost a lot of ground. We’ve had billions transferred in wealth to Iran, some of it cash and gold on pallets… they don’t take us seriously, and that’s why they’re developing these new ICBMs. Now is the time for the administration to move on establishing and pushing the new sanctions, not allowing companies to do business with Iran.”