Following the Obama administration’s nuclear deal, Iran’s behavior went from bad to worse. The radical regime in Tehran has used the cash windfall it received from the nuclear deal to step up its dangerous and destabilizing behavior. From Syria – where it supports the murderous Assad regime – to Yemen – where it fuels the civil war – Iran is seeking to spread terror and war across the Middle East in an effort to advance its objectives. And in Iran, the regime continues to unjustly imprison Americans and repress the Iranian people with terrible human rights abuses.

With strong oversight and legislation, Lead Republican McCaul and the House Foreign Affairs Committee are committed to combating the full range of threats Iran poses to the United States and our partners. Thanks to persistent committee work, we know the Obama administration’s zeal for the nuclear deal led it to stop key investigations and prosecutions of Hezbollah – Iran’s top terror proxy. So in October 2017, the House passed legislation to further crack down on Hezbollah and hold it accountable for its deadly acts, building on Chairman Royce’s landmark Hezbollah International Financing Prevention Act. Congress also passed new sanctions on Iran as part of the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, authored by Chairman Royce. And following recent protests in Iran, the House stood with the Iranian people by supporting their peaceful protests against an oppressive, corrupt regime.

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