In 2009, the Obama administration had a chance to stand with the people of Iran who bravely took to the streets during the “Green Revolution.”

Instead, the administration threw in its lot with the ayatollah.  It bet that by protecting its secret nuclear talks with the regime, it could ultimately make Iran a responsible partner.  It was wrong.

Under the president’s nuclear agreement, Iran’s behavior has gone from bad to worse.  Today Iran still holds American hostages and has accelerated its illicit ballistic missiles program.  Meanwhile, Hezbollah – Iran’s leading terrorist proxy – is playing a key role in propping up the murderous Assad regime in Syria while also keeping tens of thousands of rockets pointed at Israel. 

The Obama administration’s policy toward Iran is now the diplomatic equivalent of walking on eggshells.  It’s desperately avoiding anything that would offend the supreme leader and upset a deeply flawed nuclear deal that – even without Iranian cheating – leaves Tehran just a short step from acquiring a nuclear bomb.

America needs a policy of backbone – not backing down.  Chairman Royce and the House Foreign Affairs Committee are committed to pushing back on Iran across the board – from its growing intercontinental ballistic missile program to its regional terrorism and human rights abuses.


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