“This flawed nuclear deal is only entrenching Iran’s military and security forces that run the country.  Now more than ever, we need a policy of backbone, not backing down.”
— Chairman Ed Royce

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the conclusion of the Iran nuclear talks.  In remarks from the White House, President Obama tried to assure a skeptical American public that he would not turn a blind eye to Iran’s other dangerous and illicit acts.  He promised he would continue to press Iran to stop its illicit missiles program, its support for terror, and its human rights abuses.

He hasn’t.

Instead, the Obama administration has gone to astonishing lengths to accommodate Iran, even as Iran:

  • Accelerated its ballistic missile development (the delivery vehicles for a nuclear bomb)
  • Seized American sailors in a provocative act that violated international law
  • Wrongly jailed Americans – including an Iranian-American businessman and his father
  • Continued supporting and financing Assad’s slaughter in Syria.

Enough is enough.  No more walking on eggshells with Iran.  That’s why this week the House will vote on three measures to:

  • Stop the purchase of heavy water from Iran.  In April, the Obama administration announced its intent to buy heavy water – a dangerous nuclear byproduct – from Iran.  Yet nothing in the nuclear deal requires U.S. taxpayers to subsidize Iran’s production of heavy water.  The purchase of heavy water will incentivize Iran’s further production of heavy water, and give Iran instant credibility – a fact that the administration openly admits.  “You want to buy heavy water from Iran, you can buy heavy water from Iran,” says Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz“It’s been done.  Even the United States did it.”  Learn more about Rep. Mike Pompeo’s (R-KS) bill to prohibit U.S. purchases of heavy water from Iran HERE.
  • Prohibit Iran – the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism – from gaining access to the U.S. financial system.   Ayatollah Khamenei wants the United States to end sanctions aimed at curbing Iran’s funding for terrorism and illicit weapons so Iran can gain access to the U.S. financial system, where a majority of international business is conducted.  Alarmingly, the administration is waffling.   Iran remains a “primary money laundering concern” and allowing it access to the U.S. dollar poses real dangers to our country and our economy.  That’s why Chairman Royce’s S. Financial System Protection Act, H.R. 4992, will prohibit the administration from allowing the U.S. dollar to be used to facilitate trade with Iran.  Learn more HERE.
  • Impose new sanctions on Iran.  Leader McCarthy’s Iran Accountability Act, H.R. 5361, will impose new sanctions on Iran in response to its continued illegal development of ballistic missiles, its support for international terrorism, and its ongoing repression of the Iranian people.  Learn more HERE.

Contrary to the administration’s spin, these bills aren’t aimed at derailing the deeply flawed nuclear agreement.  Instead, they are about ensuring the United States does what President Obama promised he would do: hold Iran accountable for its behavior that threatens America and our foreign partners.