Under the totalitarian leadership of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), China has become the United States’ strategic adversary and most consequential foreign policy challenge of this century. Complacency towards China has allowed the CCP’s quest for dominance and corrupting behavior to go largely unchecked on the world stage for far too long. This campaign will help educate the American public and others about the CCP’s threat to our values and interests across various domains including: security, academia, commerce, technology, and governance. This is not just a resource, but a call to action: the United States must form an enduring and comprehensive strategy with our allies to counter China’s coercive influence, impose consequences for their malign actions, and better compete with them globally.



Understanding the Threat

Key Counter China Messaging Themes


The CCP is a Generational Threat to the United States and our Values


Americans Need to Know the Truth about the CCP


What the United States Can Do and is Doing to Counter the CCP


Addressing the Threat

Key Counter China Priorities


Lead a Campaign of Allies against Authoritarianism

  • Treat the CCP for What It Is
  • Build Coalitions to Counter Communist China’s Plan for Global Dominance
  • Challenge Communist Ideology by Promoting Western Values: Religious Freedom, Democracy, Transparency, and Equality
  • Expose the CCP’s Corrupt and Coercive Actions around the World


Protect the Homeland and Allies from CCP Aggression and Influence

  • Safeguard America and Allies from CCP Espionage and Malign Influence
  • Hold the PRC Accountable for Poisoning America with Fentanyl
  • Ensure America Maintains its Military Edge over China’s PLA
  • Protect American Universities from CCP Efforts to Steal Technology and Limit Academic Freedom


Sustain U.S. Technological Leadership for the 21st Century Economy

  • Win the Technology War and Protect America’s Privacy by Leading on 5G/6G, AI, Quantum, Cyber, and Space
  • Defend the U.S. Economy and Consumers against China’s Unfair Trade Practices
  • Break U.S. Economic Dependencies on China for Essential Supply Chains and Resources
  • Counter China’s Debt Trap Diplomacy (“Belt and Road”) with an American Led Option that Strengthens Economic Sovereignty