Washington, DC - Today, Representative Gregory W. Meeks, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued the following statement regarding the growing humanitarian crisis in Mozambique following a terrorist attack in Palma on March 24th and the continued insurgency, both in Palma and throughout the northern region.

“I am continuing to monitor the situation as more information and images surface from the aftermath of the terrorist attacks in Palma and across northern Mozambique. These senseless acts of violence against unarmed civilians, including children, have created a humanitarian crisis in Cabo Delgado Province.

“Though U.S. efforts to help train Mozambican forces and provide humanitarian assistance are ongoing, reversing the humanitarian disaster in Mozambique, ending the violence and reconnecting families will require a coordinated multilateral response. I am encouraged by public pledges from South Africa and the South African Development Community, the European Union, Portugal, and other international partners to support Mozambique in this time of crisis. The international community must continue to focus on this issue and work together to bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Mozambique.”