ICYMI: Chairman McCaul on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”

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New York, NY – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss the impact of the Hunter Biden case on foreign policy and to preview his Afghanistan roundtable being held tomorrow with Abbey Gate Gold Star families.


On his experience as a prosecutor and the Hunter Biden case:

“I was the lead prosecutor on the Johnny Chung Case. … I was the prosecutor that proved that this nexus actually was real — that we had a foreign adversary trying to influence our election. And it was astounding. … I learned from that [to] follow the money. And what I see today with Hunter Biden [and] these shell corporations and tens of millions of dollars coming in, we saw the same thing back then. A lot of money through shell corporations. This is the way that China operates; it’s their M.O.”

On the impact of the Hunter Biden case on foreign policy:

“That’s what I think is important to look [at] as we fast forward today: What has happened with all this money coming to Hunter Biden? Did it have influence on foreign policy decisions by the vice president — now president — of the United States?”

On his upcoming roundtable with Gold Star families of Afghanistan servicemembers:

“When you look at foreign policy, [President Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan] was the beginning of the end. We started projecting weakness when Afghanistan fell — that ugly surrender to the Taliban. …

“The Gold Star Families [of the] thirteen service men and women killed by a suicide bomber — I’ll be meeting with them [just days after the 2nd anniversary of Abbey Gate] to hear from them, but also to tell them what we’re doing from an investigation standpoint. … What’s so sad for these parents is it could have been prevented.”