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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul has voted for legislation that authorizes $13.6 billion to support U.S. troops in Europe and provide humanitarian and lethal aid for Ukraine, as well as $4.8 billion in security assistance and missile defense funding for Israel. The legislation also includes the Hyde Amendment, ensuring American taxpayer dollars are not being used to fund abortions, and provides funding for the Countering PRC Influence Fund, a bill originally introduced by Rep. McCaul that would challenge the Chinese Communist Party’s global malign influence.

“For months, I have been asking the Biden administration to provide the funding and lethal aid the Ukrainian government needed before an invasion so they could defend their country against an unprovoked attack by Russia,” stated Rep. McCaul. “The things I saw on my trip to the Polish-Ukraine border last weekend were truly heartbreaking – women and children cold and injured, desperately trying to escape for their lives. And Ukrainian men and women leaving their families, taking up arms, and standing in front of Putin’s tanks, refusing to allow Putin to take their country easily. They have earned our help and I’m proud to stand with my Republican and Democrat colleagues to send them that help. I’m also pleased to see the U.S. Congress send a strong bipartisan message of support for Israel and opposition to the CCP’s global malign influence.”

The also enacts Rep. McCaul’s Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership Act which codifies and elevates U.S. efforts to build the capacity of African partners to combat terrorism and violent extremism. The legislation requires stronger oversight of U.S. assistance and better coordination between the State Department, Department of Defense and USAID on a coherent U.S. strategy to address growing threats in the region, including instability caused by the recent string of coups d’etats and Russia-backed Wagner mercenaries operating in the region.

“Terrorist attacks in Africa were a record high in 2021, with a 70% increase from last year. ISIS and al Qaeda affiliates on the continent continues to grow and wreak havoc, capitalizing on fragile governments, marginalized communities and lack of economic opportunity,” stated Rep. McCaul. “That’s why it’s so important for a strong, coordinated U.S. response with our African partners so we can help them build the capacity to combat terrorism as well as address the root causes of extremism in their countries. We have learned first-hand these groups, left unabated and exploiting safe havens, will pose grave threats to U.S. national security interests.”

The legislation also advances Rep. McCaul’s efforts to advance public private partnerships to address childhood cancer in Africa. Specifically, the bill requires a report to continue assessing opportunities to strengthen health systems and target countries that are unable to provide life-saving treatment for childhood cancer.

In addition, the legislation contains some of Rep. McCaul’s domestic priorities, including important initiatives in the fight against the opioid epidemic and funding for cyber defense and response. The legislation also included full funding for Rep. McCaul’s STAR Act, which will advance childhood cancer research and treatments, and help to enhance the quality of life for survivors and their families.