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Washington, D.C. – Today, fifty-three people were arrested in Hong Kong under the dystopian national security law forced upon the formerly autonomous territory by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Below is House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican and China Task Force Chairman Michael McCaul’s statement.

“Today’s mass arrests are a new low for the Chinese Communist Party and are further proof this brutal regime will stop at nothing to build their own power by crushing freedom. Persecuting these individuals for simply attempting to win elections and defend the liberty of their fellow Hong Kongers is unspeakable and unjustifiable. It is clear the CCP doesn’t care about the rule of law, international treaties, or even the most basic universal human rights. No atrocity against ethnic minorities or abuse against democracy is beneath them. The nature of the CCP won’t be changed in the board room or at the negotiating table. The world must accept the brutal reality of the CCP and deal with them with clear eyes.”