Washington D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) released the following statement strongly condemning the deaths of two Venezuelan civilians attempting to deliver humanitarian aid across Venezuela’s southern border with Brazil.  

Lead Republican McCaul: “I am deeply disturbed by reports on the deaths of two innocent Venezuelans at the hands of Nicolas Maduro’s military forces. I strongly condemn these cowardly and disgraceful acts and urge all military forces to refrain from using any sort of violence against their own people.

“The U.S. will not tolerate any form of oppression or acts of violence against the Venezuelan people and the murderers responsible, including Maduro, must be held accountable. I continue to stand with interim President Guaido and support his peaceful efforts to bring much needed humanitarian aid to the people of Venezuela. The international community remains vigilant to ensure against human rights violations and protect the people of Venezuela.”