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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul has released the following statement on the latest reports that the Biden Admin is considering housing U.S. counterterrorism capabilities at Russian bases in Central Asia. 

“If these reports are true, it means President Biden is attempting to fill the critically dangerous gaps in our counterterrorism capabilities that he created with his ill-advised decision to withdraw from Afghanistan by making yet another ill-advised decision to rely on Russia as a counterterrorism partner. Not only would this move risk violating the legal prohibition against U.S.-Russian military cooperation, but also it would create an even more dangerous national security threat by giving Vladimir Putin enormous leverage over this administration. As I warned with Sen. Risch, Sen. Inhofe and Rep. Rogers just this week, Putin cannot be trusted as a counterterrorism partner. Full stop. I demand answers from this administration immediately.”