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Austin, TX – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul has released the following statement following a Special Inspector General for Afghanistan (SIGAR) report that found the Taliban is accessing both U.S. and UN aid that was meant to go directly to the people of Afghanistan. Chairman McCaul sent a letter to USAID in May of this year calling for greater oversight and requesting information on U.S. assistance to Afghanistan. USAID has yet to provide an answer.

“The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan was significantly worsened by President Biden’s chaotic and deadly withdrawal. It is despicable that U.S. taxpayer money is lining the pockets of a terrorist group like the Taliban, which persecutes Afghan women and girls, funds al Qaeda and other terrorists, perpetrates atrocities against religious minorities, and commits numerous other human rights abuses daily. For months, I have asked the Biden administration to explain how they will help the people of Afghanistan while keeping U.S. money out of Taliban hands, without a response. This latest report underscores the urgent need for transparency from the Biden administration on funding to Afghanistan.”