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Washington, DC – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul has released the following statement today after the House passage of his legislation, H.R. 1934, the Promoting U.S. International Leadership in 5G Act. The bill will increase cooperation between the U.S. and our allies to identify and counter security risks posed by Chinese Communist Party-linked companies in 5G. Additionally, it will enhance the representation and leadership of the United States at international standards setting bodies that set standards for 5th and future generation mobile telecommunications systems and infrastructure.

“The Chinese Communist Party does not hide the fact that their end goal is to replace freedom and democracy with authoritarianism and oppression. By controlling advanced communications systems such as 5G networks, the CCP will be able to better spread its malign influence and will further enable its continued espionage efforts and its theft of intellectual property. Passage of this legislation is an important step to ensure American leadership in setting international standards for 5G technology while countering the CCP’s nefarious practices.”