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Taipei, Taiwan – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” to discuss his bipartisan delegation’s visit to Taiwan and how the United States can strengthen our economic and defense relationship with Taiwan in the face of growing threats in the region. 


Watch the interview here. 


On the CCP’s Response to President Tsai’s U.S. Visit and the Chairman’s Delegation Trip to Taiwan:

“This is an intimidation tactic that [the CCP] is known for. The size of this [intimidation effort] is quite large one of the largest ones we’ve seen but it’s not going to intimidate us. We have every right to be here to meet with President Tsai, and it actually strengthens our resolve.”

On Taiwan’s Defense Capabilities: 

“They’re not where they need to be. If we’re going to have deterrence for peace, we need to get these weapons into Taiwan. I sign off on all foreign military weapons sales – 22 weapons [sales] over three years ago, Chuck, that have yet to [completely] get into Taiwan onto the island – that will provide deterrence to Chairman Xi to think twice about an invasion.” 

On the Importance of Taiwan’s Essential Role in Manufacturing Critical Technology and Supply Chain Security:

“About 50 percent of international trade goes through the international straits, but I think more importantly, Chuck, is that [Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company] manufactures 90 percent of the global supply of advanced semiconductor chips. If China invades and either owns or breaks this, we’re in a world of hurt globally.” 

On Putin and Xi’s Efforts to Disrupt the Global Balance of Power:  

“I thought Putin’s invasion of Ukraine was an eye opener – it woke up the Taiwanese people that now, you’re seeing what we haven’t seen since World War II, and that is dictators invading sovereign territory and getting away with it. We have to stand up for these people and for our principles as well.”

“Chairman Xi has to understand that it is going to cost him more to invade than to not to – both militarily and economically, and his global standing on the world stage.”

“What’s happening in Ukraine will determine what happens in Taiwan and the Pacific… I believe the best deterrence to Chairman Xi is a failure for Putin in Ukraine.”