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Austin, TX – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul joined Maria Bartiromo on Fox News‘ “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss his trip to Taiwan and how the United States should be confronting the CCP.

Watch the interview here


On The CCP’s Baseless Action to Sanction Chairman McCaul:

“Quite frankly, Maria, I view it as a badge of honor. Communist China is getting so aggressive right now, and that was demonstrated by what they did around the island in just the couple days we were there – we had ten battleships surrounding the island, an aircraft carrier, and 70 Chinese fighter jets in the air threatening us and [Taiwan’s] President Tsai the entire time we were in Taiwan.”

On the Urgency for the Admin to Send Taiwan the Weapons They Need to Deter Xi:

“I signed off on 22 weapons [sales], Maria, three years ago, some as long as five years ago, that [some] have yet to go into Taiwan. They’ve actually paid for these weapons, and when I met with President Tsai, her first question was, ‘when am I going to get my weapons?’ And why is that important? Because the weapons provide the deterrence, the deterrence promotes peace and stops conflict.”

On the Importance of Deterrence in the Indo-Pacific:

“If we have no deterrence, just like Ukraine, if we have no deterrence on the ground in Taiwan, rest assured, Chairman Xi will make that calculation if he can’t influence the next Taiwanese presidential election, he will go plan B and either do a blockade or military invasion of the island.”

On the Impact to America of a Potential CCP Invasion of Taiwan:

“I talk a lot about freedom and democracy, but you know, beyond that, you got 60 percent of international trade going through the Taiwan Strait. 90 percent of the advanced semiconductor manufacturing capability for the world is in Taiwan – precisely why Secretary Pompeo, Wilbur Ross, and myself through the CHIPS Act tried to pull that supply chain out of Taiwan and into the United States.”

“But the fact is, it’s still 90 percent – imagine if China invaded tomorrow and either took over and owned TSMC, the chip manufacturer, or broke it, either way, we would be in a world of hurt and China would be the most dominating economic and military force on the planet.”

On Implementing ISR Capabilities and Starlink System on the Ground in Taiwan:

“It was a big takeaway from our trip, and President Tsai was very interested in this proposal. I would hope the administration would wake up and start getting these weapons in and get them this ISR capability with Starlink. Because to date, as you have said, I see no deterrence coming from this administration.”