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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul joined Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation this morning to discuss Russia’s continued aggression toward Ukraine and the Biden administration’s weak response. 

McCaul on the Need for Sanctions Now
“I don’t see Putin changing his course of action. It is getting very aggressive. The noose is tightening around Ukraine. President Zelensky, as you mentioned, said he wants the sanctions now. We can always remove the sanctions if it deters Putin’s bad behavior. But if…there are no consequences, it’s going to continue.”

McCaul on the Possibility of Bipartisan Action
“Time is of the essence. I’m working on a bill I’ve introduced – we’re getting key Democrats on board. It would be an assistance package of lethal aid to Ukraine.”

McCaul on the Importance of Deterrence, Including Military Exercises
“But what is also important is the message of deterrence. We need joint exercises in Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria, to show Putin that we’re serious. Right now, he doesn’t see we’re serious.”

McCaul on the Need for Nord Stream 2 Sanctions Immediately
“Congress passed bipartisan, mandatory sanctions to stop [the Nordstream 2 pipeline] from happening…We never dreamed that a President of the United States would waive that in the ‘national interest of the United States.’ How is that in the interests of the United States? To allow Putin to dominate Europe’s energy supply, and at the same time shutting down [the Keystone Pipeline] and not allowing the United States to be a leader in energy…This president has made so many concessions with nothing in return. That’s why Putin smells weakness…and if we don’t provide that deterrence, he will go in.”