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Washington, DC –  House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul today submitted two amendments to the reconciliation package after the committee was not able to hold a markup of the International Affairs title of the legislation.

“I am frustrated the Foreign Affairs Committee was shut out of the reconciliation process, especially when Leader Hoyer ensured us this process would be bipartisan and involve all relevant committees. This disenfranchisement of our committee members is not the way we are supposed to operate in Congress. The two commonsense amendments I submitted today would ensure United States leadership around the world is recognized and establish important protections to try and prevent the next pandemic.”

 Summary of amendments:

  • The first amendment ensures U.S. foreign assistance provided by this bill is clearly branded with the American flag to separate U.S. assistance from poor quality products being provided by the CCP and Russia.
  • The second amendment prohibits President Biden from making a voluntary contribution to the World Health Organization until necessary reforms have been made to the International Health Regulations to prevent the U.S. from being at the mercy of the CCP or any other malign actor during the next pandemic.