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Washington, D.C. – On Monday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul participated in a panel at the Milken Institute Global Conference entitled “In a World of Disorder: The Return of Great Power Rivalries in Global Affairs.” 


On Russia’s Unprovoked War of Aggression:

“The narrative has changed. In the beginning, we got the classified briefings on [Russia’s] battle plans in the Fall. Of course, it happened, we were told it would be over in four days. And I think Putin was told the same thing, he’s not very happy about this. Now we’re [close to] day [70]… Ukrainians have been so inspirational and so successful.”

On the CHIPS for America Act:

“Something I worked very closely on is advanced semiconductor chips, the CHIPS for America Act. I worked on [this legislation] with the prior administration, hopefully, we’ll get it passed, very bipartisan. This is incentivizing manufacturers to go from offshore to the United States to make what’s very important, not [just] in our iPhones but in our most advanced weapon systems, very much a national security asset…”

On Export Controls:

“We really have to start looking at export controls and that’s what my committee will do, I predict, next Congress to stop exporting technologies that allow [China] to build things like this hypersonic missile that can travel the world with precision with a nuclear warhead and we can’t stop it. The thing that pains me the most…is that this is built on the backbone of American technology. We’ve got to stop selling [the CCP] our high tech.”

On Competing with China:

We need to compete [with China], and we’re not [doing] as well as we should… economically, they’re using it as a weapon and I would say they’ve been very effective… I think people are waking up and this is aligning to the free world versus these foreign nation adversaries that don’t believe in democracy, don’t believe that freedom and democracy are the way to go, and that’s the great competition.”