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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican has released the following statement in response to remarks from President Joe Biden on the crisis in Afghanistan.

“The comments we just saw from President Biden were completely divorced from reality. He cannot tell us how many Americans are still in the country or where they are. We still have no strategy as to how we can get Americans to the airport who are trapped behind check points in Kabul or outside of Kabul. On top of that, he has repeatedly refused to commit to continuing evacuations until all Americans and all of our Afghan partners who risked their lives to help us are safely out of the country. Every one of these people and their families are in life-threatening situations because for months President Joe Biden ignored the bipartisan pleas from Congress, warnings from the military and intelligence community and, reportedly, urgent pleas from State Department personnel on the ground in Kabul. If anyone President Biden promised to get out of Afghanistan dies, it will be because of President Biden’s failed leadership and their blood will be on his hands.”