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Washington, D.C.– House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul released the following statement in response to the latest congressionally-mandated report from the State Department on entities engaging in sanctionable activity related to the malign Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.

“By maintaining the harmful waivers on critical Nord Stream 2 sanctions and refusing to designate all of the entities involved in the pipeline project as is required by law, the Biden Administration continues to disregard the intent of congressionally mandated sanctions. Instead, the president has paved the way for this Russian malign influence project to become operational. More troubling still is the Administration’s complete disregard for the serious concerns of the countries who will suffer most from an operational Nord Stream 2, including Ukraine and Poland. Despite declaring ‘America is back’, President Biden is leaving key U.S. partners, from Kyiv to Kabul, feeling utterly betrayed, weakening U.S. credibility with friends and foes alike. I urge the Administration to realize the damage it is doing to America’s ability to deter our adversaries’ malign activity and aggression as well as the lasting repercussions of the United States no longer being seen as trustworthy on the world stage.”