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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul has issued the following statement after remarks today by President Biden that undercut his own administration’s already weak response to Russia’s military buildup in and around Ukraine. White House staff’s efforts to clean up his very clear statements are an ever further distraction to this dire situation.

“President Biden’s remarks on Russia’s buildup near Ukraine tonight were nothing short of a disaster. He shared the potential disunity of Western nations on tough sanctions and clearly gave Vladimir Putin the green light to launch a ‘minor incursion.’ American credibility with our allies and adversaries alike is hanging in the balance. Rather than promising to act only in the event of a major renewed invasion, what is needed is strong U.S. leadership to rally a punishing response to Vladimir Putin’s aggression right now. I fear this President is not up to the task and he is inviting aggression, not deterring it.”