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Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul supports the passage of legislation addressing Cuba and Nicaragua. The first, HR 760, is a resolution expressing solidarity with Cuba’s protestors and condemns the communist regime’s brutality.

“Since the start of Cuba’s anti-regime protests four months ago, I repeatedly called on the Democratic majority to consider a resolution in solidarity with the Cuban people,” stated McCaul. “More can and should be done to address the despotic regime and support Cuban freedom. The administration must rally our international allies to hold the regime accountable for its human rights violations and press for the unconditional release of political prisoners. It must also ensure Cubans are allowed to safely assemble and criticize their government.”

The House also passed S.1064, the RENACER Act, that will forcefully respond to the Ortega regime’s brutal crackdown against the Nicaraguan people and destabilizing behavior in the region.

“Ahead of Nicaragua’s illegitimate elections on Sunday, I applaud my colleagues for passing bipartisan legislation to hold the Ortega regime accountable,” stated McCaul. “The world has watched as Ortega’s Nicaragua has descended into a one-party dictatorship where dissent is brutally and violently repressed. The Biden Administration must condemn Sunday’s electoral farce and urge our international allies to join our efforts.”