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Washington D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, applauded the House passage of the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), a modernized trade agreement that will grow the American economy and create Texas jobs. 

“The USMCA is a major victory for the American people. I commend the Administration’s leadership in modernizing the agreement to boost our economy, open markets, and create jobs in the United States. Many have billed the USMCA as a political win for President Trump, but legislation this impactful should transcend politics. This is a win for the American worker, first and foremost.

“Throughout USMCA negotiations, I engaged with leaders from Mexico and Canada to reach a final product that helps American and Texan farmers, workers, and manufactures succeed.

“Trade with Mexico and Canada is critical to the economy of my home state of Texas. We export $137 billion worth of goods and services to Mexico and Canada, contributing to our three countries’ overall $1.2 trillion dollars in trade. By opening markets in Mexico and Canada for American agricultural and manufacturing goods, the USMCA will build on the more than 12 million American and nearly one million Texan jobs that are supported by North American trade. Additionally, the USMCA will establish rules on digital trade that will further empower Texans to continue to lead in technology and innovation.

“I was proud to cast my vote in support of the USMCA today. I am pleased we came together to deliver a win for the American worker and it is imperative the USMCA be enacted as soon as possible.”  

USMCA by the numbers:

  • Out of all 50 states, Texas is the #1 exporter to Mexico and the #2 exporter to Canada 
  • U.S. trade with Mexico and Canada totaled $1.2 trillion in 2018 and supports 12 million American jobs 
  • Texas trade with Mexico and Canada totaled $137 billion in 2018 and supports 950,000 jobs 
  • USMCA will add an estimated $68.2 billion to the  American economy and create over 176,000 American jobs 

As co-chair of the U.S.-mexico  Interparliamentary Group, McCaul co-led a Congressional delegation to meet with Mexican lawmakers to the 54th IPG, where lawmakers from both nations discussed the importance of ratifying the USMCA. Read about McCaul’s efforts to advance the USMCA here.