Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced the following upcoming Committee events:

Thursday, May 29

Markup: H.R. 1771, North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act of 2013

10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 29 in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman


Thursday, May 29

Subcommittee Hearing: Energy Needs in Asia: The U.S. Liquefied Natural Gas Option

2:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 29 in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific

Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), Chairman

Invited witnesses include:

Mr. Mikkal E. Herberg
Research Director
Energy Security Program
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Ms. Jane Nakano
Energy and National Security Program
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Ms. Diane Leopold
Dominion Energy

Chairman Chabot on the hearing: “The demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Asia is rising exponentially due to the region's changing energy needs. With an abundant supply of LNG resources in the U.S., there are significant opportunities for U.S. businesses and the ability to generate American jobs; however, many challenges remain. Now is an important time for the U.S. to examine reasons and methods for fulfilling Asia's energy demand and the potential implications that increasing LNG exports will have on U.S. interests and influence in the region.”


Friday, May 30

Subcommittee Markup: H.R. 4640, Western Hemisphere Drug Policy Commission Act of 2014

9:30 a.m. on Friday, May 30 in 2200 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), Chairman


Friday, May 30

Subcommittee Hearing: Tiananmen 25 Years Later: Six Leaders Who Were There

9:30 a.m. on Friday, May 30 in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Chairman

Invited witness includes:

Ms. Chai Ling
All Girls Allowed

Yang Jianli, Ph.D.
Initiatives for China

Mr. Fang Zheng
Chinese Democracy Education Foundation

Captain Yan Xiong, USA

Mr. Zhou Fengsuo
Humanitarian China

Mr. Chen Qinglin

Chairman Smith on the hearing: “The word ‘Tiananmen’ has come to symbolize both the brutal lengths the Chinese Communist Party will go to remain in power, as well as the enduring spirit and courage of those who rose up to fight for their freedom,” said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), chairman of the House global human rights subcommittee and co-chair of the U.S. Commission on China. “This hearing will honor the sacrifices made by the leaders of the Tiananmen demonstration 25 years ago and acknowledge the remarkable contributions of those who escaped to find sanctuary in our great country. They have become part of the great American fabric—as academics, entrepreneurs, pastors, small business leaders, and advocates for human rights and democracy in China.  Members of the subcommittee will explore how the aspirations of the Tiananmen Square heroes and martyrs continue to inspire the Chinese people today and why the Chinese government still bans and violently suppresses all discussion of the demonstrations.  The hearing will underscore that Congress calls upon the Chinese government to let its citizens openly discuss the tragic events of June 3-4, 1989—without censorship, harassment or arrest.  Promoting human rights, democracy, and the rule of law is not only in the interest of the Chinese people, but also should be a cornerstone U.S. foreign policy interest.”

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