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Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held a markup for several pieces of legislation. Two of those bills, H.R. 6498, the PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act and H.R. 6455, the U.S.-Africa Economic Engagement Act were authored by House Foreign Affairs Committee Lead Republican Michael McCaul (TX-10). After both bills passed the committee, Rep. McCaul issued the following statements.

HR 6498, the PEACE through Music Diplomacy Act

“I have long believed that music is a powerful tool for peace,” stated McCaul. “This bill recognizes the unique and important role musicians play in promoting peace globally, and it authorizes the State Department’s exchange programs that bring young musical artists together…these programs can be even more effective in building peace and supporting U.S. foreign policy goals.”

H.R. 6455, the U.S.-Africa Economic Engagement

“The People’s Republic of China is rapidly expanding strategic economic investments on the continent through predatory lending and debt trap diplomacy such as their Belt and Road Initiative,” stated McCaul.Since the Trump Administration launched Prosper Africa in June 2019, the U.S. Government has helped to close over 800 deals across 45 African countries for an estimated value of $50 billion in exports and investments. This means jobs created both in the U.S. and across Africa.”