Chairman Royce and active duty U.S. Navy personnel aboard the USS Gary in San Diego

Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement on today’s announcement of U.S. arms sales to Taiwan:

“For more than 35 years the United States has pledged to support, defend and aid Taiwan.  Today’s announcement advances our decades-long relationship and sends a strong message of support for our democratic ally, Taiwan.

“While I’m glad these sales – which include frigates provided by legislation I pushed through the House last year – will soon be completed, I remain deeply concerned about the administration’s delays that needlessly dragged out this process.  In fact, some Taiwanese requests have still not seen the light of day.  We should handle arms transfers for Taiwan just as we would for any other close security partner.

“Our friends in Taiwan face many challenges, and these arms sales will bolster our support for Taiwan to promote peace and security in the Asia Pacific region.  I am glad that the Obama administration has finally acted.” 

NOTE:  As Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Royce has made strengthening the U.S.-Taiwan relationship one of the Committee’s top priorities.  In June, the Chairman visited the USS Gary, a frigate that is part of the sales.  

Earlier this year, Chairman Royce visited Taiwan, where he worked to bolster the already strong U.S.-Taiwan relationship.  It marked Chairman Royce’s third visit to Taiwan in three years.