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Washington, D.C. – Today, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul gave the following remarks at House Republicans’ press conference following Israeli President Herzog’s address to Congress. 


-Excerpts from Remarks as delivered-

What a historic day for the alliance between the United States and Israel to hear from President Herzog when he said, “when the United States is strong, Israel is stronger. When Israel is strong, the United States is more secure.”

I couldn’t agree with that statement more. And I look back at the debate – I managed the floor resolution yesterday – talking about anti-semitism and racism, and hatred, and I couldn’t help but go back to my father’s generation, the Greatest Generation, World War II. My father was a bombardier [fighting] the Nazis.

They took on one of the most evil forces known to mankind. One of the most evil forms of hatred and racism and anti-semitism. And they defeated it. Out of the ashes of that war became the State of Israel. 2000 years in exile, returning to Jerusalem.

That’s what Israel means to me. It was created because of antisemites, because of racism. And to see members in this Congress engage in that conduct, the very conduct that the greatest generation defeated is absolutely disgraceful.

And it’s offensive to not only every Jewish member here and members of Congress, but to everyone that calls themselves an American that stands up to this. [Antisemitism] has no place in Congress, has no place in America, and it has no place in the world. I’m proud that our committee passed a Special Envoy for the Abraham Accords, because that will lead to true peace in the Middle East.

…That is where Republicans stand. I think that’s where most members of Congress stand and as Ronald Reagan said, peace through strength. It is through our strength in our alliance with Israel and our military and economic cooperation that will truly bring peace in the Middle East. Thank you.