This fall, Lebanon has seen a wave of popular protests across all religious sects focused on corruption, mismanagement, and Lebanon’s economic problems. This private panel hearing will examine the reasons for the protests, what may or may not change in Lebanon as a result of the protests, and what the implications are for U.S. policy toward Lebanon.  


Ms. Carla E. Humud
Analyst in Middle Eastern Affairs
Congressional Research Service

Ms. Mona Yacoubian
Senior Advisor for Syria, Middle East and North Africa
United States Institute of Peace
(Former Deputy Assistant Administrator, Bureau on the Middle East, United States Agency for International Development)

The Honorable Jeffrey Feltman
John C. Whitehead Visiting Fellow in International Diplomacy
Foreign Policy Program
Brookings Institution
(Former Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and Former United States Ambassador to Lebanon)

Ms. Hanin Ghaddar
Friedmann Visiting Fellow
Geduld Program on Arab Politics
The Washington Institute