Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX), Lead Republican of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, appeared live on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” with Bill Hemmer to discuss the latest news on impeachment. Key highlights below: 

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On Adam Schiff’s Leadership of Impeachment Probe: “We haven’t objected to any of their questioning, but on the other hand Adam Schiff continues to shut down Republicans’ lines of questioning on important issues in terms of who was privy to the phone call, who was with the whistleblower. Anything close to the whistleblower gets shut down.”

On Pelosi’s Revisionist Impeachment “Rules”: “I would argue she didn’t really change it a whole lot. It’s a little cosmetic in a way that. “Oh, we’re going to change this, maybe Adam Schiff can have an open hearing. We’ll give him discretion on that and maybe we’ll give the minority subpoena power,” but Adam Schiff is in control of that. And by the way, we’ve gone from three committees down to one now. So instead of 100 Members of Congress having access to this, it will be 20 Members of Congress. If you equate that to the American people, that means less of the American people have access and full viewing of this ‘Star Chamber’ proceeding.”

On Democrats’ Selective Leaks and Secretive Process: “Well, we’re always told we have a gag rule. If we talk about the substance we have an ethics complaint filed on us. Yet it is very interesting that Adam Schiff and his team can selectively leak out information, leak out opening statements, leak out selective testimony that is to their advantage while not being transparent and giving the entire testimony to the American people. That’s what we’ve been objecting to, Bill, from day one is how secretive this process is- the most secret room in the United States Capitol. This should be an open hearing, full and transparent, with due process and it is not.”